Functional Foods and Drinks Market to Reach a Revised Size of $229 Billion by 2027 - Focus Shifts Towards Boosting the Immune System Amid COVID-19 -

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There is a massive opportunity in a healthcare crisis for Functional Foods and Drinks, as all focus shifts towards boosting the immunity in fighting the disease in the absence of known cure and treatment.

The global market is projected to reach a revised size of US$229.1 billion by 2027.

While rising focus on healthy diets with disease-preventing, longevity-increasing, and health-promoting functional nutrients has always been a key growth driver, the current pandemic has catalyzed the trend further. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the focus on boosting the immune system to fight infectious diseases.

With more pandemics expected to follow coupled with climate change and nutrient depletion in food staples, functional food is emerging as the best strategy to tackle nutrition related immune system compromises.

A robust immune system plays a key role in tackling unknown pathogens like COVID-19. With no vaccine on cards for another year, the immune systems will need to adapt unaided to fight COVID-19. The many benefits of functional foods that now make them now more than ever vitally important in diets include therapeutic benefits such as cholesterol reduction, weight management, etc.; disease preventive benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, renal diseases etc.; and effective safeguard against dietary deficiency diseases.

The market remains in an especially strong position given the robust R&D investments already sunk into food and nutrition sciences. More tighter food regulations in light of the fact that the novel corona virus emerged from the animal food market; improvements in safety profiles; rapidly aging, health-conscious population; development of new bioactive substances and modified food ingredients designed to provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition; rising wave of consumer self-care and adoption of preventive health maintenance strategies, bode well for the market's growth in the coming years.

Innovations in manufacturing technologies like nano encapsulation are helping develop affordable slow absorbing functional food options rich in micronutrients. Decreasing production costs & greater regulation of nutraceuticals will play key roles in opening up the market further.

The organic food revolution wave sweeping through the food industry will drive demand for natural and organically produced bioactive ingredients in functional foods and beverages. Plant and animal sources for nutrient extraction will therefore receive increased interest in the coming years. Functional waters including plant based waters such as coconut water, maple water, birch water, cactus water, artichoke water, etc., is an emerging market category with strong commercialization potential.

The United States represents the largest market worldwide. Asia-Pacific including China ranks as a major market driven by growing population and nutrition needs; industrialization of agriculture and food processing sector; spiraling food consumerism; growing awareness over the link between healthy food consumption and health outcomes and diet-disease relationship; and increased per capita spending on organic healthy for you foods.

Key Topics Covered




  • Impact of COVID-19 and a Looming Global Recession
  • From Food Security to Health Security, the Pandemic Sends Functional Foods Cruising Down a New Road of Opportunity
  • Pandemics in Recent History
  • Health & Wellness Trend Catalyzes Growth of Global Functional Foods & Drinks Market
  • The Functional Foods & Beverages Ecosystem
  • Outlook
  • Growth Drivers in a Nutshell
  • Factors Restraining Growth
  • Geographic Market Analysis
  • Developing Countries Spearhead Current and Future Market Growth
  • Competition
  • Functional Foods and Drinks: A Fragmented Market
  • Consolidation Continues to Shape the Market Landscape
  • Regional and Cultural Customization: Important for Success in the Emerging Markets
  • Strong Research Backup and Media Publicity: Key Product Differentiators
  • Pharmaceutical and Food Companies Join the Bandwagon
  • Recent Market Activity



  • Growing Focus on Healthier Lifestyles to Boost Growth
  • Focus Grows on Natural Foods and Clean Label
  • Growing Focus on Digestive Health and Wellness Augurs Well for Market Growth
  • Probiotics Remain the Preferred Ingredient for Gut Health Foods
  • Global Market for Digestive Health Food & Drinks by Ingredients: 2019
  • Dairy-Based Functional Yogurt: The Most Popular Probiotic Food
  • Protein-Fortified Products Rise in Demand
  • Consumers Pay Attention to Food Processing
  • Entry of Fat in Dietary Stage Show as Humble Participant Presents New Growth Avenues for Functional Food & Drinks Market
  • Organic Functional Foods: Crossover of Organics and Functional Foods
  • Mood Enhancers Gain Momentum
  • Cereals and Grains: A Steadily Growing Functional Food Category
  • Personalization and Fragmentation Transform the Market
  • Nanotechnology Evolves as a Boon for Functional Food Manufacturers
  • Nanoencapsulation Improves Delivery and Bioavailability
  • Emergence of Fit & Active Consumer Drives Sports Nutrition Market Mainstream
  • Global Functional Drinks Market by Segment: 2019
  • Number of Health and Fitness Clubs Worldwide (in Thousands): 2009-2019
  • More Natural, Organic and Functional Versions to Drive Energy Drinks Growth
  • Soy-based Functional Beverages Become Mainstream, Bodes Well for the Market
  • Antioxidants Gain Importance in Functional Beverages
  • Growing Popularity of Waters Tapped from Fruits and Trees
  • Plant-Centric Demand to Buoy Functional Foods & Drinks Market
  • Plants in Convenient Formats
  • Plant Milk for Digestive Wellness
  • Plant-based Burgers
  • Evolution of Omega-3 as the Most Popular Heart-Healthy Ingredient Drive Demand for Marine Functional Food Ingredients
  • Health Benefits of Few Marine-derived Functional Food Ingredients
  • Myriad Benefits of Beta Carotene Drive Applications in Health and Functional Foods
  • Superior Attributes of Functional Snacks and Bars over Traditional Bar Drive Healthy Demand
  • Growing Prominence of Functional Foods and Drinks in Weight Management Augurs Well for Market Demand
  • Global Obesity Epidemic: Percentage of Overweight, Obese, and Severely Obese Adults for 2014 & 2025
  • Innovations Drive Market Expansion
  • Select Innovations & Advancements
  • Digital Marketing Opens Up New Avenues of Growth
  • Demographic Drivers
  • Millennials Inclination towards Fitness and the Ensuing Focus on Functional Foods and Drinks Drive Market Gains
  • Global Millenials Population Spread by Region : 2019
  • Millennial Population as a Percentage (%) of Total Population in Select Countries: 2019
  • Focus of Young Women on Healthy Living Due to Increasing Spending Power and Delayed Motherhood Benefit Market Expansion
  • Bone and Heart Health Functional Food Witness Heightened Interest from the Aging Population
  • Global Population Statistics for 65+ Age Group by Region: 2019 and 2050
  • Increasing Incidence of Chronic Diseases Boosts Demand for Functional Foods and Drinks
  • Global Annual Medical Cost of CVD in US$ Billion: 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025, and 2030
  • Fatalities by Heart Conditions: Estimated Percentage Breakdown for Cardiovascular Disease, Ischemic Heart Disease, Stroke, and Others
  • World Diabetes and Population Statistics (2019, 2030 & 2045)
  • Increasing Cancer Incidence and Growing Interest in Functional Foods
  • Worldwide Incidence of Cancer (2013, 2020 & 2030): Number of New Cases Diagnosed
  • Increasing Healthcare Costs and the Resulting Need for Preventive Medication Benefit Demand for Functional Foods and Drinks
  • Healthcare Expenditure as a % of GDP by Region for 2019
  • Growing Middle Class Population
  • Global Middle Class Population (in Millions) and as a Percentage of Total Population: 2005, 2015, 2025 & 2035
  • Appendix
  • Major Functional Foods, their Functional Components and Health Benefits Summarized
  • Major Functional Spices and their Health Benefits Summarized




  • Total Companies Profiled: 285

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