In Response to COVID-19, Mustang Extreme Environmental Services Launches Innovative, Mobile Disinfection Solutions

Safe, state-of-the-art solutions - available to local governments, first responders, and industrial sites - are part of Mustang Extreme’s Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) approach

FORT WORTH, Texas--()--Mustang Extreme Environmental Services (MEES), a leader in environmental containment, unveiled its state-of-the-art, COVID-19 mobile disinfection solutions now available for local governments, first responders, and industrial site crews to safely fight the spread of the coronavirus and other virus contaminants. MEES will deploy new mobile trailers that can quickly and securely generate Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) anywhere in the country.

“We’re excited to unveil our innovative, mobile disinfection solutions that will enable more crews, in more industries, to safely and securely respond to COVID-19 and other virus containments,” said Chad Lavender, Vice President of Water Treatment, MEES. “From construction, to manufacturing, to petrochemical industry, to local governments - crews are under additional stress due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There’s an emerging need for a higher level of cleaning and efficient disinfecting right now – and that’s what this new solution provides.”

MEES’ new solution leverages ClO2, which decontaminates 100% of surfaces, effectively killing any viruses, spores, mold, bacteria, fungi and other organism. It also prevents bacteria from building a resistance over time. CIO2 is less corrosive than other treatment methods currently used, and is EPA, FDA and USDA approved. Currently, CIO2 is used to disinfect crops, livestock, food processing, water treatment and building / equipment sanitization.

Through its Aria5 unit to quickly and securely generate CIO2 on the spot, MEES’ experienced staff is capable of keeping the chemical compound under continuous vacuum to increase safety and control of the chemical reaction. Equipped with control panels to automatically inject CIO2, the units can generate large volumes of disinfectant, ready for use.

“Our team brings over a half a century of biocide experience including military and fighting previous outbreaks like Ebola,” said Lavender. “We want to use our combined knowledge and resources to help local communities, schools, hospitals, and commercial businesses looking to make their facilities as safe as possible not only during this outbreak, but for future virus threats as well.”

The solution can be used for daily preventative cleaning and disinfection, or as a complement to personal protection equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers at airports and medical facilities. The new service offers on-location disinfectant generation with experienced staff to fit your specific needs.

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About Mustang Extreme Environmental Services

Mustang Extreme was formed in 2018 with the merger of Extreme Plastics Plus (founded in 2007), Mustang Energy Services (founded in 2011), and later with the acquisition of Aria Rose Oilfield Solutions in 2019. The combined company is a leader in environmental containment, with significant scale and a diversified suite of products and services. Mustang Extreme is part of the Blue Wolf Capital Partners portfolio. For more information, visit


Chad Lavender; 281-761-8015,


Chad Lavender; 281-761-8015,