Nutrition for Longevity Launches ‘United 4 Longevity’ to Provide ‘Farm-to-Frontline’ Meals for Healthcare Workers

RANDOLPH, N.J.--()--Nutrition for Longevity, a farm-to-table meal delivery service company focused on supplying delicious, farm-fresh, and high-quality foods nationwide, has launched a new nonprofit organization, United 4 Longevity, to support the healthcare professionals currently risking their lives in the battle against COVID-19.

United 4 Longevity is a new charitable foundation that collects funds to underwrite the donation of clean, nutritious foods to healthcare workers. Meals designed and assembled by Nutrition for Longevity are delivered directly to the first responders’ homes so they can focus on resting, recovering and spending time with loved ones between shifts. This also eliminates their need for planning and prepping meals.

Nutrition for Longevity’s chef-curated meals from clean, fresh, and seasonally harvested produce are healthy, plant-forward meals packed with fruits and vegetables (grown on Nutrition for Longevity’s own farmlands) that provide needed vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which can help support a healthy immune system.

“During this challenging time, we are proud to be able to do something meaningful to support the heroes who put themselves at risk each day in the battle against this coronavirus,” said Jennifer Maynard, Nutrition for Longevity’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We have been working to make an immediate impact by providing healthcare workers in the New York and New Jersey area with clean, nutrient-dense meals at home. Once we hit our goal to support these workers, we will expand to other regions in need of support. By donating healthy, balanced food designed to regenerate, refresh and recharge those who are saving lives, we can all be a part of helping the frontlines.⁠”

Launched this month, the United4Longevity program has already donated hundreds of meals (and in collaboration with Fast Bar, thousands of snack packs) to first responders serving at Mountainside Medical Center, Hackensack University Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, and Clara Maass Medical Center.

Maynard explained that United 4 Longevity can do much more with the support of others. ⁠Anyone can donate to United 4 Longevity or learn more at

About Nutrition for Longevity

Nutrition for Longevity™ was founded on the passionate belief that a long, healthy life begins with what’s on your plate. To address the nutritional deficiencies in today’s commercially-grown produce, Co-Founder and CEO Jennifer Maynard and her team set out to create a farm-to-table meal delivery service that goes beyond organic, restoring food to its natural state so you can support your health according to principals outlined in The Longevity Diet. Learn more at Also, learn how to donate to United 4 Longevity™ at

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Media Contact: Paul Williams,, 310/569-0023

Release Summary

Nutrition for Longevity has launched nonprofit ‘United 4 Longevity,’ providing ‘farm-to-frontline’ meals for health workers in fight against COVID-19.


Media Contact: Paul Williams,, 310/569-0023