Helping the Helpers: Massachusetts Mental Health Group Launches “Provider Resiliency Program”

Offered to Atrius Healthcare and Other Physician Groups

QUINCY, Mass.--()--One of the state’s largest mental health care providers with over 250 practitioners has launched a new effort to help those on the frontlines of health care so they can, in turn, continue helping others.

Child & Family Psychological Services (CFPS) with 18 offices in the Boston, Worcester, Metrowest, Southeastern and Northeastern regions, is now providing specialized behavioral health services to doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers struggling with the challenges of providing care to their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Called, the “Provider Resiliency Program,” the effort began this week.

“This sudden and extreme impact on our healthcare system has caused unprecedented, long-term stress and uncertainty for many,” said Dr. Michael Goldberg, the president of Child & Family Psychological Services. “Healthcare providers have unique challenges that require special attention. Taking care of them sustains their ability to care for others,” Goldberg added.

According to Goldberg, research shows that certain ways of thinking and behaving are associated with better adjustment to stress and adversity in the short and long run. Resiliency, like a muscle, can be strengthened, he says, but it requires intentional efforts.

“We encourage healthcare providers to commit to their own self-care and purposefully strengthen their own resiliency as soon as possible. As a healthcare provider you are excellent at caring for others, but resilient coping in a crisis is often beyond the abilities of even the strongest among us. Healthcare is a team endeavor –we bolster one another to persevere, and we need our own strength as well as the strength of our team when the task is as immense as COVID-19,” says Dr. Emily Mohr, Regional Director of Integrated Care for CFPS.

Under the “Provider Resiliency Program,” CFPS’s teams of specially trained clinicians are available to healthcare professionals to provide immediate support and effective coping skills through HIPAA secure video.

The Child & Family Psychological Services group received a specific request from Atrius Healthcare to help their doctors and other providers. Atrius Healthcare is the largest independent, physician-led healthcare organization in the Northeast, caring for more than 740,000 adult and pediatric patients in eastern and central Massachusetts. The program is open to all physician groups in the state.

“Seeking social support and timely high-quality information is critical for those now on the frontlines of healthcare, but it may not be enough for them to manage their levels of stress,” Goldberg said. “Professional behavioral health treatment may help develop skills with which to cope more effectively with the multitude of stresses and challenges they may be facing. Research indicates that early intervention promotes best long-term outcomes,” Goldberg added.

Child & Family Psychological Services and Psychological Care Associates have been providing comprehensive evidence based behavioral health services throughout eastern and central Massachusetts since 1994. CFPS is the Massachusetts affiliate of LifeStance Health ( the largest outpatient behavioral group in the country with over 2000 providers in 15 states. CFPS’s clinicians are embedded in several primary care systems throughout the state and have a unique understanding of healthcare providers’ experiences. Coupled with knowledge of coping with stress and trauma, and building resilience, the organization is prepared to help healthcare providers during this pandemic. Clinicians are available by telehealth and in person. For more information: CFPSYCH.ORG or PSYCARE.INFO.


Cara Bernardo


Cara Bernardo