Terminus Customers See More Than 300% ROI Over Three Years

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ uncovers benefit of more than $2.1M present value using leading account-based solution

ATLANTA--()--Terminus, the #1 rated account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform and leader of the ABM movement, today released a new study uncovering customer benefits adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.6M and a return on investment (ROI) of 313%. These results come from the March 2020 study, The Total Economic Impact™ of the Terminus Account-Based Marketing Solution. The study, commissioned by Terminus and conducted by Forrester Consulting, collected data from four customers to analyze cost savings and business benefits from Terminus’ Account-Based Marketing solution over a three-year period.

Terminus customers identified several key benefits in using the ABM solution, including reduced campaign costs and increased sales due to more direct and effective targeting of accounts most interested in purchasing the solution.

Before implementing an account-based solution, Terminus customers experienced several barriers to entry in generating ROI. Key challenges included:

- Lack of a proactive account targeting strategy

- Haphazard account targeting and opportunity follow-up

- Difficulty reaching the right audiences

- Low alignment between sales and marketing

“So much of our marketing was reactive, with spending often based on accounts that were showing up rather than proactively targeting the right ones,” said Ken Mafli, of Townsend Security. “We knew that to push our company growth we needed a more cohesive strategy for targeting the right customers. With Terminus, we’re able to access the right data, align on our ideal customer profile for better targeting, and more effectively analyze how brand awareness activities are influencing the pipeline.”

Understanding the need for an ABM solution as part of a larger corporate strategy, the customers interviewed noted Terminus’ clear solution vision, cost-effectiveness and partnerships with related services as key drivers in their decision-making process. Additional notable benefits and increases over 3 years include:

- $1.3M account-based sales increase due to scheduling success from sales development representatives (SDRs)

- $386.9K sales increase from customized, targeted account-based marketing opportunities

- $436.6K reduction in marketing program costs

“More than ever, companies need to know how they can maximize their revenue results while optimizing marketing spend, and drive high impact customer experiences,” said Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus. “Account-based strategies allow companies to implement a full-funnel approach that drives top of funnel engagement, pipeline acceleration and rich customer experiences that have demonstrated ROI.”

The full report, “The Total Economic Impact™ of the Terminus Account-Based Marketing Solution” is available here.

About Terminus

Terminus is the leader of the account-based movement and the crucial link that connects B2B marketing and sales teams with their ideal customers. The Terminus solution arms marketing teams with an account-centric platform that delivers the intelligence and automation needed to scale ABM and revolutionize the way B2B marketing is done. Hundreds of organizations worldwide, including 3M, Acuity Brands, and Hexagon Manufacturing, turn to Terminus to more effectively target, engage and grow their best-fit accounts. Terminus offers savvy marketers the technology and proven expertise to radically improve ABM strategies and campaigns, increasing ROI and producing exceptional results. For more information, visit: Terminus.com.


Cori Kendrick

Release Summary

The Total Economic Impact™ of the Terminus Account-Based Marketing Solution from Forrester Consulting shows 313% ROI for customers over three years.


Cori Kendrick