Takes a Leadership Role in Addressing the Hydroxychloroquine Shortage. Partners With a World-Class Supplier of Hydroxychloroquine to Meet the Needs of Lupus and Other Patients With Autoimmune Disorders in All 50 States

COVID-19 sparks surge in hydroxychloroquine prescribing and fulfillment

FLORENCE, Ky.--()--As a result of prescriber and hospital stockpiling of hydroxychloroquine to aid in the treatment of COVID-19, many patients with autoimmune disorders are having difficulty refilling their hydroxychloroquine prescriptions. has moved forcefully to ensure that all patients with a verified diagnosis and need for the drug are able to get it.

For those suffering with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and other health problems, we have taken the necessary steps to continue the fulfillment of hydroxychloroquine through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

"We have shared our information with organizations like the Lupus Foundation of America, who is working with people with lupus every day and leading the fight to ensure access to critical medications," said CEO Joseph Peters. “There are an estimated 1.5 million Americans with lupus, and millions more who have other conditions that hydroxychloroquine alleviates. We are committed to serving people with legitimate, ongoing medical needs.”

The FDA has placed hydroxychloroquine on their drug shortages report and we are actively working with one of the top U.S.-based manufacturers to ensure we have the necessary supply for Americans needing the medication.

In an effort to further safeguard supply for Americans suffering from autoimmune disorders such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, we are using a new verification and fulfillment process:

  • We are able to fill up to a 90-day supply of hydroxychloroquine only when history of use prior to March 1, 2020 can be verified.
  • All new prescriptions must have a written diagnosis from the prescriber on the prescription.
  • Patients must include their medical conditions on their profile.
  • If necessary, our pharmacists will contact the patient’s prior pharmacy to verify fulfillment history.

Those suffering from an autoimmune disorder and in need of hydroxychloroquine can visit for more information on how to order and receive a discount on their first order.

For prescribers, to speed up verification and processing of these orders, we strongly recommend they:

  • Provide the patient's diagnosis on the prescription.
  • Include the pharmacy where the patient last filled hydroxychloroquine.
  • Send all prescriptions via Surescripts. If not possible, please fax the prescription to 888-870-2808.

“We are thrilled that, through relationships we have built since 2008, we are a clear and reliable solution in a time of great need for people,” Peters said. “We also applaud organizations like the Lupus Foundation of America that have stepped up during this critical period.”

Beyond hydroxychloroquine, can provide prescription medication and over-the-counter services to Americans. In March, more than 1.2 million people visited seeking pharmacy services while abiding by stay-at-home and social distancing advisories.

“We’re able to handle this surge in orders thanks to the tireless efforts of our employees, whose passion and dedication to each and every patient is the foundation to our company’s mission,” Peters said. “The health and safety of our team is our number one concern through these difficult times and we can’t thank them enough.”

To help maintain and improve support for American patients in all 50 states, we have:

  • Shifted 60 percent of our team to work from home, with an eventual goal of 75 percent.
  • Supported on-site workforce through deep cleaning and hospital-grade disinfection services provided by Elite Professional Janitorial Service.
  • Taken temperatures daily and provided personal protective equipment

“Our work-from-home program and on-site measures have assured business continuity when it is most essential,” Peters said. “These efforts mean we can continue to help the millions of Americans turning to digital healthcare services.”

Additionally, we have teamed up with telemedicine groups such as and to help Americans with a range of health needs from urgent care to managing chronic conditions.

As the longest-running American online pharmacy and the first to be nationally licensed, we hold market advantages, such as pricing transparency, that uniquely position our company to serve an ongoing paradigm shift towards digital healthcare services.

“One byproduct of this unprecedented time is that more people will be drawn to the savings, convenience and safety of online services to fill their healthcare needs,” Peters said. “These historic circumstances have prompted the public to catch up with where our business and service models have been for years.”


Justin Danford, Marketing Director

Release Summary takes a leadership role in addressing the hydroxychloroquine shortage to support those with autoimmune disorders


Justin Danford, Marketing Director