Audiense offers Not-For-Profits free Twitter marketing platform to help them through these challenging times

LONDON--()--Responding to the impact of COVID-19, Audiense, the leading audience intelligence and consumer insights platform, are supporting Not-for-profit organisations – including NGOs, charities and the academic/scientific community – by offering their Twitter Marketing Package at no cost for a year.

The package comprises advanced community analytics, Tweet analytics, monitoring tools, audience management facilities and search functions for community and third-party sources. Users also benefit from chatbots, direct message broadcast campaigns, advertising integration and automatic rules builder, as well as receiving one Audience Insights Intelligence report per month, over the course of a year.

As of 1st April 2020, over a six-month period, eligible organisations may apply for the package to help them understand and engage with the audiences that matter most to them, while Audiense will also offer a 30% discount on its other products and services.

Announcing the new initiative, Audiense CEO Javier Buron said; “We wanted to do something to help in the global response to the COVID-19 crisis by supporting organisations that are working hard to directly fight the coronavirus and give back more generally. By offering our Twitter Marketing Package free of charge we are giving these vital organisations one less thing to worry about, ensuring they get their message out and assisting them in raising future funds.”

Founded in 2011, Audiense has a strong track record in assisting not-for-profit organisations. Last year, the World Wide Fund for Nature successfully used Audiense to engage with select audiences. The World Economic Forum also used Audiense’s product suite to help understand the key influencers leading the discussions most important to them and other recent work includes projects with Save the Children and Greenpeace.

“Now, more than ever, organisations are needing accurate and perceptive insights to influence their editorial and strategic focus,” commented Audiense CEO Javier Burón. “By offering our services to those who need it the most for no cost, we hope to assist these organisations to inform, define and manage their outputs, and in turn generate authentic value.”

To apply for this program, organisations need to send an email to


Notes to Editor

NGO Case Study: Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)

In September 2019, WWF wanted to encourage world leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly to publicly address the emergency around nature loss and acknowledge that bold action is needed to tackle nature loss, thus promoting greater awareness on securing a #NewDealForNature & People.

The main challenge the organisation had was to target the relevant key messages to the right audiences while making this high-level policy meeting relevant to a mass audience and decision-makers.

“Working with Audiense on our #NewDealForNature activity, we have been able to quickly and easily identify and reach influential audiences during key moments throughout the campaign. The campaigns we have run with Audiense through WWF’s @NatureDeal account, have improved our impressions and engagement rate, and directly contributed to a 12x increase in followers." Joe Dix, Head of Digital, WWF International.

WWF used Audiense Connect to create tailored audiences on Twitter to target relevant key messages and call to actions for different audience sets through Twitter Ads. The organisation monitored social conversations around #UNGA74 and #NewDealForNature & People, as well as what content performed well.

“Audiense Insights played a crucial role in identifying key audiences in these events. This enabled us to target creative assets such as videos and different key messages to relevant profiles and influencers, and effectively raise awareness of the goal of creating a #NewDealForNature and people.” Joe Dix, Head of Digital, WWF International.

About Audiense

Located in London, UK and Cordoba, Spain, Audiense helps organisations understand more from their social media data. Its platform and products enable companies to identify any audience and provide valuable insights to create more relevant and engaging campaigns.

Through strategic partnerships with Twitter and IBM, clients benefit from expert data cognitive analysis, including personality, image and sentiment intelligence. Audiense ensures its clients can gather deep insights and utilise advanced micro-targeting to maximise their tactical and strategic investments, gaining competitive edge over their peers.


For further information please contact:
Callum Laidlaw
+44 772 548 5778


For further information please contact:
Callum Laidlaw
+44 772 548 5778