As Inmates Are Released From Jails to Mitigate Virus Transmission, an AB Kiosk Could Be Keeping Tabs on Them

The AB Kiosk system can autonomously monitor released inmates without face-to-face interaction with probation officers or jail staff.

The AB Kiosk from Precision Kiosk Technologies can keep tabs on thousands of jail inmates who are being released to mitigate coronavirus transmission. (Photo: Precision Kiosk Technologies)

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Across the U.S., jail administrators are releasing inmates to reduce their jail populations as they plan for the arrival of the coronavirus. As expected, this is causing concern within some communities that are wondering if anyone is monitoring these newly freed inmates. The good news is that the autonomous AB Kiosk system, which is already being used in the lobbies of jails and courthouses to conduct court-mandated probation check-ins and alcohol screenings, can also be used to monitor those inmates who are being released into the community.

More than 20 county courts and probation departments across the Midwest already use the AB Kiosk system to conduct alcohol screening, pre-trial monitoring, and probation check-ins. This includes Marion County, Indiana, whose six AB Kiosks currently monitor more than 1,700 low-risk probation clients.

“County courts and Sheriff’s offices would like to maintain some degree of monitoring of inmates who are released early due to overcrowding or any other factor,” says Patrick McKinney, general manager of Precision Kiosk Technologies in Minneapolis. “Using probation officers to conduct face-to-face check-ins with inmates would be a logical option in normal times, but this would also increase the risks of coronavirus transmission. Our AB Kiosk can autonomously conduct recorded check-ins with released inmates – and the results of these check-ins can be remotely monitored in real time.”

For any newly released inmate, the AB Kiosk handles the entire monitoring process from start to finish:

- Set Kiosk schedules for the client check-ins and alcohol monitoring

- Notify the client via texts and emails to check-in using a Kiosk

- Use biometric fingerprint authentication to confirm the client’s identity

- Capture photos and video of each check-in

- Deliver questions to the client and upload his or her responses

- Issue a time-stamped receipt to the client

- Notify the probation officer of the completed check-in

- Alert the probation officer or jail supervisor when a check-in is missed

- Automatically update the client’s records, including any changes in address, employment, or participation in mandated treatment programs

In most cases the AB Kiosk is located in the lobbies of the jail or courthouses where clients do not have to go through security to use the Kiosks. By using the AB Kiosk for low-risk clients, supervisors are also able to separate high- and low-risk clients, which prevents negative interactions between these groups.

About Precision Kiosk Technologies

Minneapolis-based Precision Kiosk Technologies (PKT) provides secure high-volume probation monitoring and alcohol screening for law enforcement and courts. The company’s AB Kiosk reduces the administrative burden of alcohol screening and other court-mandated programs, including probation check-ins, cashless bail, Huber work release, and pre- and post-trial services. To learn more about the AB Kiosk system, please visit


Company contact: Patrick McKinney, General Manager, 612-325-6585

Marion County Contact: Christine Kerl, Chief Probation Officer, 317-327-3059

Release Summary

As many overcrowded jails release inmates to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, a new technology is available to keep tabs on them.


Company contact: Patrick McKinney, General Manager, 612-325-6585

Marion County Contact: Christine Kerl, Chief Probation Officer, 317-327-3059