Clarify Health Launches Two Analytics Applications for Healthcare Organizations to Rapidly Respond to COVID-19-specific Resource Planning and Patient Triaging

Clarify Health's COVID-19 Applications (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Clarify Health, a leader in healthcare analytics, announced today that it launched two new critical applications in response to the needs of customers at the forefront of providing care to the communities impacted by COVID-19. The company is deploying the Clarify COVID-19 Elderly Vulnerability Population Index (EVI) and the Clarify COVID-19 Patient Risk Profile to healthcare organizations across the US to equip them with the patient risk insights that are needed to inform resource planning, interventions, and community initiatives.

The two applications leverage Clarify’s vast patient dataset, covering over 300 million lives, and industry-leading AI capabilities. The solutions will reduce blind spots in patient risk by giving healthcare organizations access to an actionable COVID-19 vulnerability score for their elderly patients and a drill-down view into individual risk profiles and comorbidities at the point of care.

As COVID-19 threatens to overwhelm the US health system, understanding sub-populations that are more vulnerable to severe outcomes becomes critical for resource planning and allocation. Clarify’s COVID-19 EVI measures ZIP codes on relative vulnerability of seniors to severe coronavirus infection and delivers insights into their comorbidities, such as, cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases (including COPD), and cancer. The EVI provides hospitals, emergency services, health plans, and government agencies with the ability to identify neighborhoods which could benefit from greater testing or support services and prepare to take action quickly in high risk areas.

When patients with COVID-19 symptoms present at hospitals or emergency services, care providers need fast access to patient risk factors at the point of care to be able to triage and plan care effectively, especially if the patient is not previously known to that health system. Clarify’s COVID-19 Patient Risk Profile is a web-based interface that highlights known risk factors for severe illness related to COVID-19. This capability is critical as frontline care providers struggle to proactively manage capacity and care for COVID-19 suspicious patients.

“In this time of unprecedented strain on the healthcare system’s preparedness and capacity, we will be doing everything we can to provide hospitals, emergency services, health plans, and government agencies with the analytics and insights that can help them more efficiently deploy their resources, manage their patients, and save lives. The health of our communities continues to be Clarify Health’s top priority,” said Jean Drouin, CEO and co-founder, Clarify Health.

About Clarify Health

Clarify Health's enterprise analytics platform empowers providers, payers, and life sciences companies to deliver better care to patients through actionable insights. With industry-leading statistical modeling and machine learning, Clarify Health harnesses the power of the most comprehensive longitudinal dataset in the US by linking clinical, claims, prescription, lab, and social determinants of health data across over 300 million lives.

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Laurie Thackeray


Laurie Thackeray