California-Based World Tree Launches Eco-Timber Campaign For Investors Seeking To Leverage Funds To Reverse Climate Change


EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--()--Amid U.S. stock market upheaval, World Tree appeals to the environmental and social consciousness of those who seek values-based investments. It reflects an enlightened approach to how money can be leveraged, not out of concern for what happens over the next quarter, but out of concern for what happens to the planet over the next decade.

The Investment

For every $3000 Invested, one acre of Empress Trees are planted in the U.S. and Latin America, on family farms who curate the trees. The family farms receive 50% of the profits, while the eco-centric investor and World Tree each receive 25%.

The Growth

Empress Trees are the fastest growing tree in the world and absorb carbon at 4x the rate a human can produce. Harvest of the mature hardwood occurs within 8-12 Years.

The Harvest

One acre of mature Empress Trees can produce approximately 30,000 board feet of lumber.

Profit Projections

25% Annual Growth

World Tree is targeting individual investor returns of $35,000 or more (equivalent to 25% annual growth), on an investment of $3,000, based on a 75% survival rate of the trees. These numbers include all the costs of managing the plantations and harvesting the lumber. However, they are only projections and actual results may vary.

The Stats

According to the US SIF Foundation’s 2018 Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends, as of year-end 2017, "more than one out of every four dollars under professional management in the United States—$12.0 trillion or more—was invested according to sustainable investing strategies.”
The Forum For Sustainable and Responsible Investment

“Between 1993 and 2017, timber investments outperformed hedge funds, high-yield bonds, corporate bonds, long-term and intermediate US government bonds and US Treasury bills. In 2019, timberland REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), which specialize in harvesting and selling timber, generated a total return of 21.92%.”
-US News and World Report


Issuer: World Tree USA LLC
Price per Unit: $1.50 USD
Minimum Investment: $3,000 USD
Units Issued: Series A 2019 Eco-Tree
Time to harvest: 8-12 years


Absorbs up to 90 tons of CO2 in a year, 4x the footprint of an average American

Drops 22K lbs of nutrient rich leaves, returning 100kgs of nitrogen to the soil every year

Produces nectar-rich flowers: Bees can collect enough pollen for 100 jars of honey per year

30% Stronger than pine

40% Lighter than other hardwoods

The Empress Tree can regenerate 7x after initial harvest.


Besides having a profound effect on the planet, the World Tree initiative enriches the lives of the farmers who curate the trees. Empress trees are often planted on family farms which are under-utilized (i.e. 40% of the farmland is vacant of crops) providing new revenue streams on land that would otherwise be fallow.



Mike Hoye
310.346.0845 (mobile)



Mike Hoye
310.346.0845 (mobile)