TMD Security Launches Innovative Suite of Defenses to Protect Cash Inside the ATM and Branch

ATM and Branch Access Management, Intrusion Defense Kit and Note Staining Kit 7000 to be showcased at ATMIA US Conference


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The cash inside an ATM and branch is an attractive target for criminals. Recent news of ATM explosive attacks in the US is a major concern because of the threat to public safety. This video shows how TMD Security’s new defence suite protects cash in three ways: 1. ATM and Branch Access Management replaces physical keys so that branch staff, service engineers and Cash In Transit companies use a single, pre-approved process on their mobile device for fast and secure access to all ATM and door locks – with a real-time audit trail; 2. Intrusion Defense Kit generates an alert if a criminal tries to force their way into the ATM top box or safe and 3. Note Staining Kit 700 stains the cash inside the ATM with ink, if there is an explosion, so that the cash is worthless to the criminal.

NEW YORK--()--TMD Security announced today that it will showcase three complementary defenses against physical threats at ATMIA’s US Conference in Houston, Texas.

Protecting the cash inside the ATM and branch is a challenge. Old fashioned access processes involve the use of keys and cards which can be lost or stolen and there is also usually no real-time audit-trail. In TMD Security’s global survey of thirty ATM deployers and service providers, respondents said, for example, that service engineers typically use the same top box master key to access all ATMs in the network leaving them vulnerable to attacks such as jackpotting.

TMD’s ATM and Branch Access Management solution is a key-less, centrally managed secure access process for all types of ATM and door locks that remotely validates the IDs of the pre-authorised user, lock and mobile device and checks the pre-approved schedule in a split second at the time of access. One-Time-Codes are sent directly to the lock so that codes do not have to be written down. There is also a real-time automated audit trail.

"Replacing keys and cards with a single access protocol and audit trail for all access points is so much more secure than today’s fragmented processes," said Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO and Founder, TMD Security. "What is more, when analyzing the business case with clients to replace keys and manual processes with our ATM and Branch Access Management solution, we have uncovered the potential for staggering annual operational cost savings per ATM and branch."

TMD’s Intrusion Defense Kit (IDK), also on show, generates an alert in real time in the case of attacks using, for example, drilling or thermal tools, also unauthorised attempts to force open the top box or safe.

The number of reported gas and solid explosive attacks has become a significant concern to the global ATM industry. There are three ATM explosive attacks a day in Europe on average according to EAST (European Association for Secure Transactions). ATMs are consequently being removed from locations where an explosion would pose a serious risk to public safety. Solid explosive attacks have now spread to the US.

TMD’s Note Staining Kit (NSK) 7000 is the most effective deterrent against gas and solid explosive attacks because it is a passive note degradation system with no electronics. The ink sachets in the NSK cassette lid fracture instantly on the shockwave impact of the explosion ensuring that the cash is covered with ink. Also, there is no risk of false activations.

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TMD Security, the global leader in ATM security and ATM and Branch Access Management, has headquarters in Europe and sales and support in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.


Claire Shufflebotham
+44 (0)7791 091876

Release Summary

Key-less Access Management, Intrusion Defense Kit and Note Staining Kit protect cash inside the ATM and branch from physical attacks and explosions.


Claire Shufflebotham
+44 (0)7791 091876