Socati Launches Private Label Lineup of Customizable Cannabinoid Products Rich in CBD, CBG & CBN

  • Products feature customizable cannabinoid ingredients (including new crystalized flavored stick packs) serving as a full concept-to-market platform for innovative CBD brands
  • Socati’s world-class team of agronomists, geneticists, engineers, food scientists and marketing experts to assist in bringing new partner products to market
  • All product lines allow brands to select custom ratios of CBD, CBG, CBN and other minor cannabinoids for end products with non-detectable THC
  • The full range of broad spectrum hemp products adhere to the same stringent standards for manufacturing quality as major companies in the CPG space

Socati - Private Label Customizable Gummies (Photo: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Socati Corp today announced the launch of its new Private Label lineup, a full-service offering allowing new and existing brands focused on delivering hemp-infused goods to create and customize several innovative CBD-rich finished products.

Socati’s new private label offering provides a full ‘concept-to-market’ partnership for both established brands looking to develop new lines of hemp-infused products and entities looking to launch new and innovative brands in the growing CBD market. Socati’s world-class team of agronomists, geneticists, food scientists, marketing experts and partners ensure, safe, high purity products are made to precision specifications and can be deployed to market quickly and efficiently.

“With the creation of Socati’s private label division, we’re able to provide an efficient route to market for those looking to introduce new hemp-infused products or improve existing product manufacturing processes.” said Socati CEO, Josh Epstein. “It means brands and product innovators can respond quickly to changing consumer tastes and market trends, developing and launching high specification, quality products at speed and scale without tying up their existing manufacturing capacity or setting up their own costly infrastructure.”

Customizable Private Label products from Socati include:

  • Crystalized Flavored Powder - fine, water soluble, flavored crystalline powder available in stick packs or in bulk to precise specification and potency
  • Gummies - fully customizable vegan & organic defined spectrum CBD gummies with four natural fruit flavors
  • Tinctures - a unique line of tinctures using only natural flavorings or essential oils in combination with natural sweeteners
  • Softgels - water soluble capsules made with all-natural ingredients filled with oil of customizable potency
  • Pressed Tablets - tight pressed, easy to swallow tablets made from customizable powder ingredients
  • Two-piece Capsules - capsules comprised of two rigid shells filled with dry powder or viscous oil to customized potencies

Backed by stringent internal and independent testing, Socati’s Montana-based cannabinoid ingredient manufacturing facility complies with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognized benchmarking requirements and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for manufacturing.

All Socati products benefit from: non-detectable levels of THC (as determined by independent testing with leading U.S. laboratories), high purity CBD, custom minor cannabinoid ratios and organic extraction. They are non-GMO, tested and verified by third party labs, produced in a GFSI certified, food grade, processing facility, kosher and made to ingredient-grade specifications.

About Socati
Socati is a leading processor of broad-spectrum hemp extracts. The company provides a top-quality and consistent product for a market projected to reach $22 billion by 2022. Leveraging investments in new technologies, Socati engages in large-scale manufacturing and has logistics in place to process increasing amounts of hemp biomass to meet demand. With the ability to manufacture broad-spectrum hemp extracts at scale, Socati is built to serve the needs of large, international CPG companies that are seeking high quality raw materials.

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Josh Stanbury
SJS Public Relations


Josh Stanbury
SJS Public Relations