Important Notice to Shareholders



Investment Company with Variable Capital

Registered office: 49, avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg

R.C.S. Luxembourg B-119.899

(the “Company”)


Xtrackers MSCI Bangladesh Swap UCITS ETF

ISIN: LU0659579220

(the “Sub-Fund”)

10 January 2020

This notice is to inform you on behalf of the board of directors of the Company (the “Board of Directors”) about recent developments in respect of the Sub-Fund in which you hold Shares.

Capitalised terms used in this notice shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in the latest version of the prospectus of the Company (the “Prospectus”), unless the context otherwise requires.

The Board of Directors deems it appropriate to terminate the Sub-Fund because it is below the Minimum Net Asset Value as set out in the Prospectus and has demonstrated persistently low levels of demand. The termination of sub-funds that have demonstrated sustained low levels of demand is an ordinary part of the business, along with the launch of new sub-funds and/or share classes where high levels of demand exist. Consequently, the Board of Directors has decided, in the best interest of the Shareholders, to terminate the Sub-Fund with effect from 26 February 2020 (the “Termination Date”) and to proceed with the compulsory redemption of all outstanding Shares of the Sub-Fund in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and the Prospectus (the “Termination”). The last Net Asset Value of the Sub-Fund will be calculated as of 26 February 2020.

No further subscriptions in, or conversions into, the Sub-Fund will be accepted as from the date of this notice.

Trading on all relevant stock exchanges will cease with effect from close of trading on 10 February 2020 (the "Last Trading Day"). Therefore, sale or purchase of Shares in the Sub-Fund in the secondary market may only be made until close of trading on the relevant stock exchange on the Last Trading Day. For the avoidance of doubt the secondary market includes both trades on the relevant stock exchanges and any over-the-counter trades. The Sub-Fund is listed on the United Kingdom Listing Authority’s Official List and as a result of the Termination, the Sub-Fund will be de-listed from the Official List with effect from 8.00am on 11 February 2020.

Requests for redemption for Shares in the Sub-Fund in the primary market, where applicable, may be made in the usual manner for processing in accordance with the Prospectus until the applicable Cut-off Time on 11 February 2020. However, the liquidation costs (if any) will be taken into account in the Redemption Price. After the applicable Cut-off Time on 11 February 2020, no further redemptions will be accepted.

Please see below for a summary of the information above:

Share Class

Sub-Fund name


Stock Exchange(s) from which the Sub-Fund is to be de-listed

Last Trading Day on Stock Exchange(s) from which the Sub-Fund is to be de-listed

Applicable Cut-off Time and Date for primary market orders

Termination Date


Xtrackers MSCI Bangladesh Swap UCITS ETF


London Stock Exchange

Singapore Exchange


10 February 2020

5.00 p.m. Luxembourg on 11 February 2020

26 February 2020



The following terms and conditions of the compulsory redemption have been determined in accordance with article 21 of the Articles of Incorporation and shall apply as of the Termination Date:

1. The Investment Manager will unwind part of the OTC Swap Transaction daily to ensure its orderly liquidation within ten (10) business days, from 12 February 2020 to 26 February 2020.

2. The Sub-Fund shall be liquidated and the Redemption Price for the Sub-Fund will be determined by reference to its Net Asset Value as of the Termination Date (the “Reference NAV”). The Reference NAV will take into account, amongst other expenses, such as Capital Gains Tax, all costs resulting from the anticipated realisation and liquidation of the remaining investments of the Sub-Fund;

3. No Redemption Charges will be applied;

4. The Redemption Proceeds will be paid in the relevant Reference Currency to the clearing agent;

5. The payment of the Redemption Proceeds to the registered Shareholders and the clearing agents, resulting from the compulsory redemption, will take place at the latest 10 Luxembourg Business Days after the Termination Date (the “Payment Date”). It should be noted that payment of the Redemption Proceeds to Shareholders who hold Shares via intermediaries may take longer than 10 Luxembourg Business Days;

6. The Redemption Proceeds relating to Shares for which payment to Shareholders could not be made, will be deposited with the Caisse de Consignation in Luxembourg on behalf of the persons entitled thereto as soon as possible after the Payment Date and in any event before the closure of the liquidation procedure.

Shareholders who subscribe or redeem Shares in the Sub-Fund on the primary market, where applicable, are entitled to redeem their Shares in the Sub-Fund in accordance with the Prospectus as indicated above. Please note that the Company does not charge any redemption fee for the sale of Shares in the secondary market. Orders to sell Shares through a stock exchange can be placed via an authorised intermediary or stockbroker. However, Shareholders should note that orders in the secondary market may incur costs over which the Company has no control and to which the above disapplication of the Redemption Charges does not apply.

Further information in relation to the Termination may be obtained from the legal entities mentioned under Contact information below, the offices of foreign representatives or by sending an email to .

Shareholders who have any queries or to whom any of the above is not clear should seek advice from their stockbroker, bank manager, legal advisor, accountant or other independent financial advisor.

All Shareholders are strongly advised to consult their tax advisor to assess: (1) the impact of the Termination and any potential tax consequences thereof; and (2) any potential changes between the current and/or future taxation of their investment under the laws of the countries of their nationality, residence, domicile or incorporation.

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