Unassuming Flexible Sensing and IoT Devices Stand to Change the Nursing Care Industry! 2nd JFlex Event

Continence Sensing Demonstration Using a Film Device (Photo provided by OMUTSU-TECH Inc.)

TOKYO--()--The Converting Technical Institute and JTB Communication Design will hold JFlex exhibition over the three days from Wednesday, January 29th to Friday the 31st, at Tokyo Big Sight.

In response to the severe labor shortages now being faced by the nursing care industry, OMUTSU-TECH and aba, two startup companies making their first appearance at JFlex, will display flexible IoT devices designed to ease the burden of continence care for the nursing care industry. Based on a flexible sensor developed using printing technology, OMUTSU-TECH will exhibit a low-cost, next-generation diaper sensor that relieves discomfort when worn. As part of a solution to reduce the burden and increase the quality of nursing care, aba will demonstrate their Helppad continence care system that detects urine and feces using an odor sensor. On the second day of the event, Thursday, January 30th, JFlex will host a health care seminar during which Future Ink, a venture business launched by Yamagata University, will discuss the commercialization and social implementation of a bed sensor that monitors pulse waves, breathing, and sleep in an unassuming manner.

During the event, numerous elastic films, inks, inkjet devices, and other flexible hybrid electronic products and technologies will be on display. Visit the event to experience the “now” of the flexible devices that are changing how we live.

--------------------------[ Exhibitor Pickup ]--------------------------

(random order)

  • aba [Booth No. 4W-M30 (FlexibleX Innovation Zone)] Helppad
    Comments from a nursing care staff regarding their desire to look inside diapers without opening them led aba to develop this continence sensor. Using continence sensing and pattern analysis to detect and record when those requiring nursing care have defecated, this sensor serves as a reliable partner in helping to “relieve continence stress” as part of nursing care by preventing discomfort and accidents, and lightening the burden of continence care.
  • OMUTSU-TECH [4W-M30 (FlexibleX Innovation Zone)] [New Product] Film-type device for excretion care
    OMUTSU-TECH is proposing this as a new solution to reduce nursing care burden, lighten mental stress, and support independent continence. In facing the problems of nursing care head on, OMUTSU-TECH is developing low-cost devices that are easy to apply and cause no discomfort.
  • Yamagata University ROEL Printed Device Technology Research Division [4W-K34]
    Sheet Sensor, 3D Printed Electronics, Soft Sensors for Robot Skin
    This large-area sheet sensor measures biological signals without constraint. Installed in chairs and beds, this sensor monitors vital information of sitting and sleeping individuals.
  • Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology [4W-J28 (Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)]
    Disposable bed sensor
    By using printing technology to integrate sensor antennas into standard waterproof sheets used in hospitals and nursing facilities, SIIT has developed a new waking sensor system with a disposable antenna unit. Having a structure in which the disposable antenna unit is integrated into thin, flexible waterproof sheets, this system prevents discomfort for users and lowers the burden of maintenance on care workers, thereby making this a friendly waking sensor system for both users and caretakers.
  • Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization [4W-J28 (Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)]
    Mobile Ultrasound Imaging Equipment WiZ
    By consolidating the measurement and processing functions into the probe and using a smartphone as the display device, this compact ultrasound fits in the pocket of a lab coat. The device can be easily operated by touch and swipe, thereby enabling simple use for home treatment, hospital treatment, and nursing care.
  • Sensinics / Agx [4W-M30 (FlexibleX Innovation Zone)]
    ThingBridge, an enterprise-type BLE IoT solution combined with the Cassia Networks E1000/X1000 smartphone-free multi-device compliant BLE router
    ThingScale Cloud platform for simplifying complex IoT structuring processes
  • FUJI [4W-J28 (Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)]
    3D printer for electrical device manufacturing FPM-Trinity
    In addition to the standard resin printing capability of 3D printers, this revolutionary device enables circuit printing and component packaging. FPM-Trinity can print small numbers of specially shaped electronic devices in a single day, and can be used for a wide range of applications, from sensors, to same-day circuit board prototyping and tool manufacturing. During the event, FUJI will exhibit several samples, including application to a Daiya Industry Co., Ltd., Finch electric arm prosthesis.

---------------[ Seminars ]---------------
January 30 (Thu.) Convertech Stage (West Hall 4)

Keynote Speech “What can we measure to understand human being?”
Akio Yoneyama, Senior Manager, Education and Medical ICT Laboratory, KDDI Research, Inc.

“Practical use of bed sensor "Vital Beats" for healthcare and nursing care. - in addition to heart beat and breathing, you can monitor the depth of sleep -“
Yasuhiro Tanaka, President & CEO, Future Ink Corporation

“Continence Care Solutions Expand the Potential for Printed Electronics”
Kozue Saito, Director, OMUTSU-TECH Inc.

“Care for Needed, as Needed”
Yoshimi Ui, CEO, aba Inc.

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============== Exhibition Outline ==============
JFlex 2020 (Concurrent Events: neo functional material / 3Decotech Expo)
January 29 (Wed.)- 31 (Fri.) 2020 at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3, 4
[Organizer] Converting Technical Institute [Co-organizer] JTB Communication Design


Converting Technology Exhibition Secretariat (c/o JTB Communication Design)
Contact persons: Ayumi Suzuki / Maiko Uchiyama
Tel: +81-3-5657-0761
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Converting Technology Exhibition Secretariat (c/o JTB Communication Design)
Contact persons: Ayumi Suzuki / Maiko Uchiyama
Tel: +81-3-5657-0761
Email: kinousei@jtbcom.co.jp