Life’s Good with a Great Meal and the Right Wine Thanks to Just BARE® Chicken

Strengthen Your Cooking Skills with a Handy Guide

GREELEY, Colo.--()--Life hack alert! Just BARE® Chicken is making mealtime more delicious with an exclusive chicken and wine pairing guide.

As the famous French chef, Auguste Escoffier, put it, “Chicken is the canvas of the chef.” The experts at Just BARE Chicken couldn’t agree more.

Chicken without wine is like having an egg without salt,” said Sam Wallis, chef with Just BARE. “Any meal can become exceptional with the right wine and the right mix of ingredients, starting with Just BARE Chicken.”

Chef Sam, along with a team of expert chefs and wine sommeliers, created the following Chicken + Wine Pairing Guide to create delicious chicken recipes and identify the perfect wine pairing.

Just BARE® Chicken + Wine Pairing Guide

Type of Chicken

Wine Pairing

Recipe to Try

Fried Chicken

Sparkling Wine

Hot Oven Fried Chicken

White Meat Chicken —
Butter or Cream Sauce


Chicken with Root Veg

Chicken with

Pinot Noir

Red Wine and
Mushroom Chicken

Chicken with
Tomato Sauce Base

Pinot Noir

Tomato & Olive Braised
Chicken with Couscous

Sweet & Spicy Chicken


Grilled Chicken with
Crushed Raspberry

Dark Meat Chicken

Italian Red

Sizzling Chicken
Ratatouille Platter

We’re providing these types of resources so anyone cooking with Just BARE Chicken will feel like their very own wine sommelier,” said Kelsie McEndaffer, brand public relations and communications manager. “Whether you’re an expert in the kitchen or a pro at ready-to-eat meals, we’re sharing knowledge from our in-house experts to help you level-up any chicken dish.”

In addition to sharing the Chicken + Wine Pairing Guide, Just BARE Chicken is inviting fans to try out the brand’s exclusive wine personality quiz at @JustBAREChicken on Instagram or here. Quiz results determine which tasty recipe Just BARE recommends for each fan.

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Just BARE® Chicken fuels people with wholesome, clean, responsible protein by providing All Natural, Organic and Deli varieties of chicken. Our Just BARE chickens are fed a vegetable and grain diet, raised on family farms and cared for by the poultry industry’s top professionals. Just BARE Natural products are American Humane Certified™, and our USDA Certified Organic chickens have access to the outdoors and are verified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic. We are committed to excellence and meeting the diverse needs of our consumers and customers with no antibiotics ever, no added hormones and no artificial additives. Just BARE is distributed nationally by Pilgrim’s®, the world’s second-largest poultry producer. To learn more, visit and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Kelsie McEndaffer

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Just BARE® Chicken is making mealtime more delicious with an exclusive chicken and wine pairing guide.


Kelsie McEndaffer