The 3rd HK Store of “A Happy Pancake” Finally Opens!!

Shatin New Town Plaza Shop Grand Open on December 10th (Tue) !

To commemorate the opening, “Japanese Strawberry & Uji Matcha Pancake with special condensed Milk” will be launched as limited offer.

Pancake1 (Photo: Business Wire)

HONG KONG--()--A Happy Pancake Ltd.:

Japans Popular Pancake Store opened their second store in Hong Kong

After “A Happy Pancake” setting up the Omotesando shop in November, 2015, it became a popular topic and was invited by numerous TV & magazines for shooting. It promptly became a shop with long queue. Since then, it has continued to expand to 28 stores, including the latest “A Happy Pancake Resort & Terrace” at Awajishima, with breath-taken 270 degree of Horizontal Harbourview. We finally opened our THIRD store in New Town Plaza, Phase 3, Shatin, Hong Kong.
The restaurant’s signature dish is still the same as its shop name as “Happy Pancake”. In addition to the sweet pancakes, they also provide meal pancakes for dine.

Japanese Strawberry & Uji Matcha Mousse Pancake with condensed Milk

To commemorate the opening of Shatin New Town Plaza Shop in Hong Kong, the new menu “Japanese Strawberry & Uji Matcha Pancake with condensed Milk” will be launched.

Sweet aromatic Japanese Strawberry with special condensed milk sauce & bittersweet Uji Matcha whipped cream-a combination of an authentic Japanese goodness

Plenty of high-quality matcha teas from Kyoto Uji, along with seasonal Japanese Strawberry are used to up-bring the rich matcha flavor, further adding some rich and tasteful mousse on top.
The fluffy pancake in matched with the seasonal fruity flavor is beloved by most individuals.

About Shatin New Town Plaza Shop

Shatin New Town Plaza Phase 3 has just completed its full renewal renovation in bringing the latest excitements to the customers and supporter. “A Happy Pancake New Town Plaza Shop”, will officially open on December 10, (Tue). The new store is located in the newly renovated Phase 3 together in bringing our customers a refreshing dining and sweet experience.

The sleek design and décor of the store by our Japanese Interior Design Team allows diners to enjoy in a brand new atmosphere with lots of natural and warm elements.
The store continues using an open kitchen so that diners can see the entire hygienic cooking process. By letting the diners observe the pancakes carefully baked one by one and then sent to their tables, increasing their desire towards the pancakes.

“A Happy Pancake” The Secret of the Fluffiest Pancake in the World

All pancakes are “Baked-to-order”, ensuring every pancake presented is perfect with its “light texture”. From mixing the batter to decorating the dish with colourful toppings, the whole process takes around 20 minutes. A Happy Pancake is additive-free, no use of any baking powder, but to use its own natural unique way to make the pancakes softer and fluffier. First, the batter will be mixed only when there is an order so as much as fresh air can be trapped inside; second, the baking temperature must be precise - pancake cannot rise at high temperature while it cannot be cooked thoroughly at low heat. Therefore, the temperature needs to be maintained at an optimum level.


We have invited Lara, the young lady Artist to be the creator of our Wall Art.

* Ms Lara’s Profile
Born on June 18, 2005 origin of Tokyo
Entered British school as of 3 years old
Currently studying in Leeds
Fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Japanese
The illustrations and photos posted on the Instagram (@fa_la_lara), which started five years ago, became popular and have over 120,000 followers.
Designer contract with Samantha Thavasa started at the age of 12 in 2017
In charge of the "Little Lala Land" illustration for 「馬のゴン太の大冒険」

A Happy Pancake – Factsheet

New Town Plaza Shop



Shop A326 New Town Plaza, Phase3, Shatin, N.T.



+852 2612 0045

Opening Date


December 10, 2019 (Tuesday)

Opening Hours


10am to 10 pm (Last order time: 9:15pm)

Opening Date 1pm to 10pm (Last order time 9:15pm)













38 (Free Seating)

Signature Dish


Happy Pancake HK$80

Average Spending


HK$100 per person

Payment Method


Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Master, American Express, Alipay, Union Pay)



All Self-service by Queue order



maximum seat usage time per customer is at 45 minutes during busy business hours



No reservation

Media Inquiry


Individual Media Shooting/Interview is welcomed (upon availability)



Please contact the below for arrangement.



Media Enquiry:
A Happy Pancake Ltd.
Henrietta Tseng
Tel: 6301 8588


Media Enquiry:
A Happy Pancake Ltd.
Henrietta Tseng
Tel: 6301 8588