The BOSS Tiny House Permit Solution: Helping With Tiny Home Red Tape

LOS ANGELES--()--We have often been brainwashed that “bigger is better,” regardless of the subject or sector. However, more people these days are interested in having a home that makes sense for their lifestyle.

Often, this is a tiny home. While there are many families still renting apartments or houses, there are millions who seem to be seeing the light regarding the concept of affordable tiny houses, but need assistance with the initial permit process. The sector is expected to grow significantly over the next several years as well.

That’s one of the reasons why BOSS Tiny House is offering an affordable “Permit Solution” package to help with the process. The tiny house application process can be a challenging one, with obstacles, misinformation and regulations. We are here to make the process easier so that homeowners can get to what matters more quickly: enjoying their affordable tiny houses as soon as possible.

You can save thousands of dollars with the BOSS Tiny House Permit Solution. You can benefit from our expertise as well. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider the deal, which offers OVER $5,000 IN VALUE:

  • Get some concrete direction with a Tiny Home Preparation Plan
  • Required structural engineer site plan approval stamp
  • BOSS Tiny House blueprint and specification documents
  • BOSS Tiny House laid out on your current site house plan

When it comes to tiny house kits, there are simply no other companies that come close to how affordable we are — and we are proud of that. We know that homeowners are interested in tiny homes not just because of their incredible design, but also because it can help them budget and spend money on other aspects of their life.

We don’t believe that building or owning a tiny house should be as difficult as it is, which is why we have already gotten such an incredible response to our Tiny House Permit Solution. While the fees may vary from state to state, we are proud to add that the SHIPPING COSTS ARE COVERED as part of the package as well! It simply doesn’t get easier or better than this.

Contact BOSS Tiny House at 650-487-8698 for your affordable tiny house needs and to find out more about our BOSS Tiny House Permit Solution!


Mark Craft, 650-487-8698

Release Summary

BOSS Tiny House offers an exciting Permit Solution to interested tiny house buyers that are struggling with the permitting process.


Mark Craft, 650-487-8698