Edwards Global Services Announces Upcoming Trade Missions to Germany, China and Beyond

EGS’ Client Marketing Programs Match Brands with an Expanded Roster of Overseas Licensees

IRVINE, Calif.--()--Edwards Global Services, Inc. (EGS), a leader in global business expansion and franchising, today announced additions to its highly successful global client marketing trade mission program. The initiative, which takes U.S. companies overseas for a series of strategic in-country meetings aimed at helping U.S. franchises source and build relationships with the best possible licensee partners, will head to Frankfurt, Germany, Nov. 12-16 and Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, from Nov. 17-25. The Frankfurt, Germany, program is in conjunction with the International Franchise Association.

EGS’ worldwide franchise marketing events have been deployed for brands including Build-A-Bear Workshop®, The Boiling Crab®, Carl’s Jr®, SkyZone®, Abrakadoodle® and many more. They are coordinated and managed by EGS in countries where franchise development is strong each year.

Additional plans to expand within additional countries are already in the works. In 2020, EGS is taking its trade missions into the following cities:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Lima, Peru
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Monterrey, Mexico
  • Panama City, Panama
  • Toronto, Canada

“This program offers a low-cost way to identify the companies in another country that can best serve as the licensee for brands expanding internationally,” said William Edwards, CEO of EGS. “U.S. franchisor-specific programs are complex and difficult to set up, taking six to nine months to coordinate, which is why we are the only U.S. company to offer this type of program.”

The service is exclusively offered to EGS U.S. franchisor clients that are seeking international expansion. Non-competing clients are promised category exclusivity and costs are shared among participants.

Since this program began in 2010, EGS has evolved it to include modern marketing tools, like social media marketing, to promote its clients in-country to potential licensee partners. EGS’ number of team members overseas has also grown, which increases the brand’s ability to proactively conduct the due diligence, marketing and promotion needed to streamline the program and create efficient agendas for each trip.

From decades of experience, Edwards and his team personally determine if a company is ready to ‘go global’ through EGS’ Global Assess process. After assessment, EGS only takes on brands it believes will be successful in expanding internationally.

To learn more about EGS’ Global Assess process and upcoming trade missions, visit: http://edwardsglobal.com/.

About Bill Edwards and Edwards Global Services: William “Bill” Edwards has 45 years of international experience, doing business in such areas as China, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey and all over the U.S. He has directed projects in 68 countries and is known as a guru of global business, frequently speaking on the topic of the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of international business expansion. Edwards has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies to help them enter new markets with the analysis, wisdom, foresight and strategy to maximize success. He has a deep respect for other cultures and their business customs, and loves helping businesses realize their full potential on the global stage. Edwards Global Services (EGS), founded in 2001, has assisted more than 30 U.S. businesses in the educational, retail, restaurant and service sectors in their international development in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. Edwards has established a set of trademarked processes and procedures to help his clients gain a competitive edge when looking to expand internationally, which he calls Going Global. His methodical and deeply informed approach is the secret to his overwhelming success. The EGS GlobalTeam™ are on the ground in 43 countries to help U.S. franchisor Clients succeed. For more information, visit www.edwardsglobal.com.

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Leslie Licano, Beyond Fifteen Communications, Inc.
Leslie@beyondfifteen.com | 949-733-8679 x 101


Leslie Licano, Beyond Fifteen Communications, Inc.
Leslie@beyondfifteen.com | 949-733-8679 x 101