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This report on the personalized cancer vaccine market provides a comprehensive insight into the current status of the segment with special emphasis on the clinical innovations governing the market. The report also highlights the clinical relevance of personalized cancer vaccine, trends and recent advances that will impact the growth of the market. Overall, the report concludes with future projections regarding the personalized cancer vaccine segment which shows an exponential growth by 2026.

The treatment of cancer through the aspect of using a vaccine that has been personalized according to the requirement with an approach that the therapy will provide no harm in the future is innovative yet challenging. The concept of personalized vaccine is recognized as a paradigm shift for the way the cancer is treated and the way cancer is seen in the future. Although many other therapies are available in the present for the treatment of cancer majority of the therapies come with their own drawbacks and undesirable outcomes.

Personalized vaccine allows us to take a giant step towards the treatment of cancer as in each person's cancer the case is different and the therapy is customized according to the individual cancer scenario. Personalized vaccines when compared with the already existing therapies, has accomplished great success, with respect to the wide utilization of the treatment in different cancer types. The idea of fitting every cancer patient to the limited drugs has come to an end with the participation of this novel therapeutics into the active field of oncology.

The therapy approaches the development of a neoantigen vaccine that stimulates the immune system to attack the malignant cells in a unique way. Currently, the personalized cancer vaccine of the immunotherapy segment is undergoing rapid advancements and improvements with the help of highly skilled researchers at the top universities and laboratories all around the world. Recent research published by some leading science journals reported excellent and emerging outcomes about the cancer vaccines. The current study about the segment is limited to lab animals, but once the testing is over, it will be tested in humans for the first time.

A number of clinical trials regarding investigational therapy are currently mid-way of becoming the future of cancer therapies. In the current scenario, the USA and Europe are leading the race of having the major market players. Increasing adoption of healthcare and advancements in genome sequencing techniques are the major contributors to the huge market share in the region.

The research and development of personalized vaccine is supported by both private as well as public sectors by rising their investments in the personalized cancer vaccine segment. The advantage of increasing fundings can provide a valuable option to the patients as well as the research sector. CureVac, Kite Pharma, Alphabet, Modema & Merck are some of the major investors in the personalized cancer vaccine segment. The development made by the researchers plays an important role in setting up newly available treatments as they will contribute significantly to the cancer treatment and driving the market size by many folds.

The idea behind the development of personalized vaccines is an exception from all the cancer treatments that we all are dependent on. As per report findings, personalized vaccine is successful in showing tremendous progress in the research area and in the future it will be a promising approach for treating certain tumors and other inflammatory diseases related to cancer. In the upcoming years, the increasing number of cancer patients is expected to increase the market size and revolutionize the entire market for cancer therapies available.

Report Highlights:

  • Personalized Cancer Vaccine Mechanism of Action
  • Biomarkers Importance In Personalized Vaccines
  • Ongoing Clinical Trials on Personalized Cancer Vaccine
  • Developmental Cost Analysis of a Personalized Cancer Vaccine
  • Immune Checkpoint Biomarkers Preventing Tumor Growth
  • Advancements in the Personalized Cancer Vaccine
  • Current Market Trends & Advancements in the Personalized Cancer Vaccine Segment

Key Topics Covered:

1. Personalized Cancer Vaccine: Revolutionizing the Immunotherapeutics of the Future

1.1 The Approach Towards Cancer Vaccine Strategy

1.2 Cancer Vaccines - Current Clinical Trials Scenario

2. Personalized Cancer Vaccine Mechanism of Action

2.1 Entities Involved in Personalized Cancer Vaccine & Their Respective Contributions

2.1.1 Tumor Neo - Antigens

2.1.2 Human Leukocyte Antigen

2.2 General Working of Personalized Cancer Vaccine

2.3 Genetic Polymorphism Leading to Pharmacogenomics

2.4 Cancer Pharmacogenomics Observing Somatic Mutations

3. Biomarkers Importance In Personalized Vaccines

3.1 Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers

3.2 Prognostic & Predictive Biomarkers

4. Ongoing Clinical Trials on Personalized Medicines

4.1 NEO-PV-01 Showing Glimmers of Success against Melanoma

4.2 Personalized Vaccine: An Evolving Biological Discovery for Pancreatic Cancer

4.3 Precision Cancer Vaccine against Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

4.4 First-in-Human Trial of Personalized Vaccine for Glioblastoma (Brain Tumor)

4.5 TG4001 in Combination with Avelumab against HPV Cancers

5. Immune Checkpoint Biomarkers Preventing Tumor Growth

5.1 Emerging Biomarkers for CTLA4

5.2 PD-1/PD-L1

6. Personalized Cancer Vaccine: Manufacturing Process & Cost Analysis Study

6.1 Pre - Manufacturing Cost Analysis

6.2 Segmented Cost Analysis of Personalized Cancer Vaccine

6.2.1 Capital Cost

6.2.2 Cost of Raw Materials

6.2.3 Annual Cost of Personnel Involved in Cancer Vaccine Manufacture

6.2.4 Factory & Administrative Overheads

6.2.5 Filling & Packaging

6.3 Per Patient Cost

7. Current Market Trends & Advancements in the Personalized Cancer Vaccine Segment

7.1 Researchers Improving the Outcome of Future Personalized Cancer Vaccine

7.2 Increasing Investments

7.3 Personalized Cancer Vaccine Development using mRNA

7.4 Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Receiving Collaborations & Ventures Ensure Stable Funding

7.5 DNA Sequencing Technology Development Driving the Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market

8. Global - Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Segmentation by Cancer Type

8.1 Personalized Cancer Vaccine Breakthrough against Melanoma

8.2 Lung Cancer Prevention using Personalized Vaccines

8.3 Personalized Cancer Vaccines towards Eliminating Breast Cancer

8.4 Colorectal Cancer Eradication by Personalized Cancer Vaccines

8.5 Scope of Leukemia Treatment using Personalized Cancer Vaccines

8.6 Prostate Cancer Eradication using Personalized Cancer vaccine: Provenge

8.7 Personalized Cancer Vaccines Targeting Cervical Cancer

8.8 Personalized Cancer Vaccines Application towards Glioblastoma (Brain Tumor)

9. Personalized Cancer Vaccine: Rising with New Avenues & Opportunities

9.1 Insights into the Personalized Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline

9.2 Opportunities for Personalized Cancer Vaccine in the Emerging Market of the World

10. Porter's Five Force Analysis of the Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market

10.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

10.2 Bargaining Power of Buyer

10.3 Threats of Substitute Products

10.4 Threat of New Entrants to the already Existing Market

10.5 Rivalry Among the Existing Competitors

11. Factors Driving the Market of Personalized Cancer Vaccine

11.1 Increased Demand for Personalized Cancer Vaccine Production

11.2 Increase Prevalence of Cancer Cases in the Population Worldwide

11.3 Cancer Heterogenetic Environment

11.4 High Level of Specificity

11.5 Assistance from Government

11.6 Advancements in Genome Sequencing Techniques Delivering better Personalized Cancer Vaccines

11.7 Robust Clinical Pipeline Under Development

12. Challenges Associated with Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market

12.1 Scientific & Technical Challenges in Developing a Personalized Cancer Vaccine

12.2 Commercial Challenges Surrounding Personalized Cancer Vaccines

13. Global Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Future Outlook

14. Personalized Medicine Current Market Region Scenario

14.1 North America

14.2 Latin America

14.3 Europe

14.4 Asia-Pacific

14.5 Middle East & Africa

15. Global Personalized Vaccine Trends

16. Competitive Landscape

16.1 Advaxis Inc.

16.2 Avax Technologies

16.3 BioNtech AG

16.4 Celldex

16.5 CureVac AG

16.6 Genetech

16.7 Genocea

16.8 Gristone Oncology

16.9 ISA Pharmaceuticals

16.10 Merck

16.11 Moderna Therapeutics

16.12 Neon Therapeutics

16.13 Personalis

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