Vision Critical Empowers Organizations to Gain Active Consent to Collect and Use Direct Customer Data

Sparq® Fall ‘19 release accelerates customer insight platform time-to-value, achieves richer and deeper customer data application

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia--()--Vision Critical, a software company that specializes in gathering and applying the hardest-to-reach customer data to improve customer experience, today released its Sparq® Fall ‘19 customer engagement and insights platform.

The company’s latest customer-centric release was developed in partnership with Vision Critical’s own B2B and B2C enterprise customers, enabling them to accelerate the time-to-value of their insight communities to achieve richer and deeper application of customer data.

Today it’s easy for organizations to do the wrong thing with customer data. In the future, there will be no insight without customer data. There will be no customer data without consent. There

will be no consent without value shared back to the customer," said Scott Miller, Vision Critical CEO. “With Sparq you can engage your customers in continuous conversation, providing a consistent and reliable flow of actionable insights from direct customer consented data.”

Faster ROI Through Quickly Gathered Insights

Created by Vision Critical’s team of insights professionals, 14 new activity templates in Sparq Fall ‘19 enable organizations to easily gain active consent to collect the direct customer data necessary to drive insights for the most common methodologies. They are ready-to-use, customizable templates for idea generation and refinement, brand and category measurement, and engagement.

The configurable templates help marketers and insights professionals:

  • Quickly and easily gather data for the most common insights methodologies to generate faster ROI
  • Meet organizational needs with flexibility
  • Leverage insight community best practices to ensure activities are short, conversational and engaging for better member experience
  • Minimize ramp-up time for new insights professionals and begin fielding new activities quickly

Richer, Deeper Application of Customer Data

The latest version of Sparq also includes new high-performance APIs (application programming interface). The new APIs increase the performance and scalability of bulk data exports to enrich the system of record with direct voice-of-customer data.

With the new APIs, marketing and insights professionals can:

  • Centralize customer intelligence by moving data from Sparq to a warehouse for more accessible and complete reporting and dashboards
  • Augment anonymous DMP data with customer IDs, and additional first-party data from Sparq, to help with accurate segmentation and targeting
  • Conduct look-alike modeling by using Sparq profile variables and response data in their DMP to increase ROI for marketing campaigns

Canadian Tire is one of the Vision Critical customers that helped design the latest Sparq features and put them to use while under development. According to Cedric Painvin, associate vice president of consumer research, “With the Canadian Tire Customer Panel, we’ve increased consumer confidence about the products we sell, created more brand ambassadors, and improved accuracy in personalizing our message to our customers.”

Sparq is a customer engagement and insights platform with which companies repeatedly engage deeply profiled customers, who have given active consent, in studies and activities that produce zero-party data, trends and business-impacting insights. Vision Critical’s unique relationship-based approach progressively profiles the customer at every interaction, producing a richer, more reliable customer attitude, emotion, belief, and preference data to solve common business needs.

Customer-centric brands and organizations can learn more about Vision Critical and Sparq, and request a demo, at

About Vision Critical

Vision Critical is a software company that specializes in gathering and applying the hardest-to-reach customer data. Using proprietary technology and processes, Vision Critical is able to deeply engage any audience to increase voluntary customer data capture and apply that data to improve customer experience. With its unique, relationship-based approach, Vision Critical’s Sparq platform lets brands directly interact with communities of opted-in customers. Unlike traditional voice-of-customer methods, Vision Critical unlocks the real-time feedback that companies need to build better products, deliver better services and achieve better business outcomes hand in hand with their own highly-engaged, well-profiled customers.

Hundreds of high-performing organizations across multiple industries benefit from Vision Critical’s technology and guidance, including BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, VMware, and more. To learn more about Vision Critical, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or visit us at


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Laura Lombardi
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