A&D Resources to Expand into Nordics

COPENHAGEN, Denmark--()--A&D Resources, the authorised Hogan Assessments distributor in Denmark and Benelux, is expanding its business operations into Finland, Norway and Sweden, making it the premiere Hogan distributor in the region.

Specialising in the assessment and development of individuals, teams and organisations, A&D is considered the leading assessment firm in Denmark. This expansion into the Nordics can largely be attributed to the organisation’s history of success in the surrounding region and also because of its work globally.

“We are fortunate to have a strong reputation within our industry, whether we’re in Denmark, Benelux or beyond, and that’s because we deliver results,” says Hans Ove Dahl, A&D’s managing director. “We’re firm believers that if you build a talented team using Hogan’s assessments, which are widely considered the most predictive assessments for workplace performance, you’ll have a competitive advantage that other organisations simply can’t match.”

A&D partnered with Hogan in 2002, and has since experienced rapid growth, both in the size of the organisation and its geographic footprint. Originally operating only in Denmark, A&D made the strategic move to expand its offerings into Benelux in recent years. This new expansion into the Nordics further solidifies its presence in northern Europe.

Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan Assessments, believes this new development will be mutually beneficial for both Hogan and A&D.

“At Hogan, we have a robust network of distributors all over the globe, and A&D has been there with us since the very early days,” says Gregory. “As that relationship developed and strengthened over time, we began to find new and innovative ways to help each other grow our businesses. This is another example of our collaborative efforts to improve the global workforce through the use of valid, scientific assessments for employee selection and development.”

A&D plans to be operational in all three Nordic countries in the coming weeks and expects this to be a seamless transition.

“Our expansion into the Benelux countries helped to prepare us for entering into new markets,” says Dahl. “It’s obviously a very exciting time for our organisation, and we look forward to working with our new friends in the Nordic region.”

About A&D Resources

A&D Resources specialises in assessment and development of individuals, teams and organisations, as a supplier of personality tests and consulting services. A&D is the official Hogan Assessments Distributor in Denmark and the Benelux countries. As an official distributor, A&D has access to the Hogan Distributor Global Network and the ability to serve global organisations. For more information, visit www.adresources.com.

About Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessments is the global leader, providing comprehensive, research-based personality assessment and consulting. Grounded in decades of science, Hogan helps businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent and evaluating leadership potential. Hogan's assessments are available in 57 countries and 46 languages and are used by more than 70 percent of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit www.hoganassessments.com.


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A&D Resources, the authorised Hogan Assessments distributor in Denmark and Benelux, is expanding into Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Blake Loepp, 918-978-6475