Initiative to Empower Women Voters Gains Momentum for Last Week of Campaign: Media Opportunities Available

--()--Canada Powered by Women is an initiative to engage Canadian women in a national conversation about big political issues. Since launching four weeks ago, thousands of women from all ages and regions have engaged with us to talk about election issues. In this last week of the campaign, we’re offer the following story opportunities:



A Facebook live town hall event featuring post-secondary students from Halifax, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver talking about political issues facing millennials.

Wednesday, October 16 at 7 PM EDT.



A breakfast event in Toronto featuring a keynote by Dr. Lucy Miller, engaging women in conversation about important election issues. We will live stream Lucy's keynote on Instagram.


Thursday, October 17 at 7 AM EDT.



In honour of the 90th Anniversary of the Persons’ Case, a Famous 5 Pink Tea will be held in Calgary.


Sunday, October 20 at 2PM MDT.



The Make Your X Count initiative - a simple way to get women to commit to voting, talk about the change they’re voting for.


Ongoing until October 21 on social platforms.


Spokesperson Dr. Lucy Miller has travelled the country speaking with women about the election. She’s learned a lot about the big issues that concern us – and how alike and different we really are. Women from various ages, sectors, and career stages will be participating in these events.


With upwards of 75% of undecided voters being younger women, empowering and mobilizing them to vote is critical during this election. In August, we surveyed 1500 Canadians through Leger. Highlights of women’s responses include:


  • Less than one-third (28%) feel fully informed on the issues.
  • Nearly two-thirds (61%) say that the media only shows the most extreme political views.
  • Nearly seven in ten (69%) will decide who to vote for based on what is best for Canada.
  • Nearly one quarter (24%) said they lead important topics for discussion in social settings. (much lower than the 40% of male respondents who say they do the same).
  • Further background on the CPBW initiative can be found here:’s

DIGITAL: @canadapoweredbywomen (Facebook)

@canadapoweredbywomen (Instagram)

@PoweredXWomen (Twitter)

@CanadaPoweredbyWomen (LinkedIn) (Web)


In Calgary: Heidi Gammuac at or 403-399-2514

In Toronto: Krystle McGilp at or 416-953-6009


In Calgary: Heidi Gammuac at or 403-399-2514

In Toronto: Krystle McGilp at or 416-953-6009