Interana Opens Behavioral Analytics Query Language with Release of 4.0

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Within Industry Best Practice Fast-Start Apps to Speed Time to Insights and ROI from Customer Big Data

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--Interana, maker of advanced solutions for behavioral product analytics in the GDPR era, announced the release of Interana 4.0 and the inclusion of their new Behavioral Analytics Query Language (BAQL). With the release of 4.0, Interana improves the user experience and ease of use, while opening the query engine for deeper technical data exploration inside and outside of the solution. In addition to adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the solution, Interana also continues to invest in enterprise manageability and scale with self-service data management tools, enabling greater security and exceeding customer data compliance standards.

Interana empowers data scientists and product managers alike to run sophisticated big data queries against raw customer data through an easy and efficient query builder or by simply clicking through the interactive dashboards. The new BAQL allows technical users to programmatically query Interana to integrate with data science tools, BI tools, or for retargeting and personalization of audiences discovered within Interana 4.0.

"Not every person on our product management team is a data scientist—but they all are data driven,” said Rob Hardy, Director of Analytics Development at Edmunds. “We needed a solution that empowered both the most technical as well as the least technical to explore, iterate and collaborate about our business. Interana enables complex behavioral queries to be created on the fly with a simple user interface that allows quick synthesis of the data you are interested in—taking it from billions down to the granular insight, in seconds, not hours or days. The power to explore beyond a preconfigured dashboard is the self-service analytics we'd been promised for the past 20 years but was only realized with Interana.”

“Black-box preconfigured analytics or aggregated analytics were OK when the cost and complexity limited access to full, iterative customer big data exploration,” said Bobby Johnson, founder and CTO of Interana. “Today, Interana offers enterprise scale and compliance with the speeds of expensive in-memory solutions at a fraction of the cost. With BAQL, data scientists/data architects can leverage the query language for validation of findings and general customer data exploration inside and outside of Interana. Adding augmented analytics with Interana 4.0 gives product managers greater transparency and a shorter time to insights.”

The new 4.0 fast-start apps for use within Interana will include Retention, Flows, Segment Comparison (A/B view), and Distribution View. Interana will continue to develop additional apps with each subsequent release. The introduction of AI within 4.0’s fast-start apps provides augmented analytics to assist users in finding “why” things are happening without having to manually interrogate every possible explanation.

“Interana is helping us retain top talent in the same process of improving our games,” said Derek Brinkman, General Manager of VGW US. “The ability for a developer to visualize why we need to prioritize a new update and then see the immediate impact of her work on the end-user experience and the business is very powerful and gratifying. Having AI within the Interana behavioral analytics will further enable us to improve our products and reduce development cycles.”

Interana currently has a promotion with Microsoft, offering Azure credits to offset the cost of an Interana proof of concept (POC). Interana is also offering financial incentives for Amplitude customers to move off of preconfigured analytics to leverage the power and scale of Interana—true self-service, multi-data-source, GDPR-compliant behavioral analytics.

About Interana

Based in Silicon Valley, Interana provides the world’s most advanced enterprise platform for product analytics and behavioral analysis in the GDPR era. Used by companies such as Microsoft, Comcast, Sonos, Edmonds, VGW, and many others, Interana is the only solution that allows business users to analyze trillions of data points, iteratively and in real-time, to go beyond the static reports and dashboards of traditional BI and analytics tools, and surface business insights that would otherwise remain hidden. For more information, please visit us at, or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as @InteranaCorp.


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