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LONDON--()--Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of their latest big data analytics engagement for a leading mobile marketing automation services provider based out of Austria. This success story investigates the factors that hindered the client’s ability to analyze how well their mobile applications were engaging mass-market consumers while shedding light on how our big data analytics solutions helped them to ease data processing. This success story also offers valuable insights into the business benefits of leveraging big data analytics and explains how a big data analytics framework can help address the challenges faced by mobile marketing automation companies.

Quantzig, through its big data integration and visualization solutions, enables organizations to adopt an outcome-based business model by leveraging analytics dashboards for reporting and analyzing business performance. Request a free brochure of our analytics solutions to learn more about our portfolio of big data analytics solutions.

In today’s economically uncertain era, many organisations have come to appreciate that the key to better decisions, more effective customer engagement, sharper competitive edge, hyper-efficient operations and compelling product development is- data. Today, the situation they face is not any shortage of that raw material, but how to turn that amorphous, vast, fast-flowing mass of Big Data into highly valuable insights, actions and outcomes.

We use best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tools, and our deep domain big data analytics expertise to help businesses transform their business into a world-class organization that’s tailored for success. With high-performance analytics at the core and backed by more than two decades of experience, Quantizg’s advanced big data analytics solutions can help you find new and better ways to improve business outcomes. This success story is one such example where we helped a leading mobile marketing automation services provider to tackle the complexities of big data.

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The Business Challenge

The client- a mobile marketing automation company (MMAC), needed a massively scalable data platform to inform its marketing-oriented customers about how well their mobile applications were engaging mass-market consumers. The client’s challenges spanned three core areas including:

  • Velocity
  • Variety
  • Volume

“To embrace digitalization in today's complex business scenario, you might have to undertake multiple strategic initiatives ranging from modernizing the application portfolio to implementing advanced customer experience and big data analytics solutions,” says a big data analytics expert from Quantzig.

The Solution Offered & Value Delivered

The client collaborated with Quantzig to leverage its big data analytics expertise and devise suitable dashboards to analyze how all their mobile consumers interact with their apps. Our big data analytics experts adopted a comprehensive three-step approach to address the challenges faced by the client.

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The big data analytics solutions empowered the client to:

  • Access valuable strategic take-outs to make crucial business decisions
  • Create custom-built dashboards that their customers can use to display data in ways that are most meaningful to each company
  • Gain a single source of truth to ensure accuracy and create paper trails, audits, and overall credibility

Quantzig's big data analytics framework offered predictive insights on:

  • Analyzing customers’ needs and preferences
  • Targeting individuals based on their requirements

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Anirban Choudhury
Marketing Manager
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Quantzig has announced the completion of its big data analytics engagement for a leading mobile marketing automation services provider based Austria.

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Anirban Choudhury
Marketing Manager
US: +1 630 538 7144
UK: +44 208 629 1455