Releases New B-52 Bomber In-Flight Video of Secret Nuclear Mission Training

DALLAS--()--For the first time in modern history, in-flight videos of secret nuclear mission training have been recently filmed in the B-52H “Stratofortress” bomber cockpit while in-flight. The new videos, in addition to a post-flight interview with Bolton, are available for viewing at Bolton also recently filmed aboard the B-2A “stealth bomber” for the first time in history.

The new video is a product of Dallas-based film producer Jeff Bolton, who was allowed to fly and film the ultra-secret nuclear mission training evolution with an active duty U.S. Air Force bomber crew. Bolton is working in partnership with Defense News in producing a multi-media series about the United States military’s nuclear arsenal.

The B-52H Stratofortress is a multi-role heavy bomber that deploys both conventional and nuclear weapons anywhere in the world from its home bases at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana and Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. “It’s no coincidence that the B-52 bomber’s global nuclear capabilities are being highlighted as nation-state tensions between the United States, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are growing daily,” said producer Jeff Bolton. “These new in-flight cockpit videos demonstrating the B-52H reach and nuclear firepower are why the legacy bomber remains so relevant in the world today.”

To learn more about Bolton’s experience of what it’s like to fly and film as a civilian in the cockpit of the B-52H bomber, and to request B-roll and still photography, contact Denise R. Hurd at 855-840-1999 or

ABOUT JEFF BOLTON: With more than 20 years embedding in military commands, combat theatres and natural disaster zones around the world, Jeff Bolton is a powerful storyteller who focuses on the stories of the men, women and families of the United States military. Bolton is producing a television series targeted to millennials examining the United States military’s global nuclear mission in the 21st century titled GUARDIANS: A Mission For Peace. His previous projects include the documentary film America's Marine Aviators.







Denise R. Hurd, 855-840-1999,


Release Summary For the first time in modern history, in-flight videos of secret nuclear mission training have been recently filmed on a B-52H bomber.

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Denise R. Hurd, 855-840-1999,