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PLANTATION, Fla.--()--What is life without the occasional happy burst of caffeinated energy? Certainly, less perky. And, according to medical studies, two cups of coffee a day boosts your health and may help you live longer. No wonder we celebrate National Coffee Day every year on September 29.

Coffee is acidic and can weaken dental enamel and enable bacteria to penetrate the tooth’s softer inner pulp. This can lead to decay, gum disease – even tooth loss. And if you like your coffee with sugar, you run an even higher risk of dental damage.

But don’t despair!, a leading online marketplace for dental savings plans in the U.S., is sharing tips for enjoying your coffee and your smile:

Rinse with Water

Rinsing your mouth with water after enjoying a cup of coffee will help neutralize the acid. You can also avoid stains and discoloration by being consistent with your at-home oral hygiene.

Don’t Brush Right After

Don’t brush your teeth right after having coffee! Your dental enamel is soft right after exposure to any acidic beverage, and brushing can cause damage. Wait an hour, then clean your teeth.

Get Professional Cleanings

Regular professional cleanings are, of course, essential to helping keep coffee from dimming your smile. And you can try natural tooth whiteners between cleanings, such as eating crunchy fruits and vegetables, too.

Avoid Lemon Juice & Charcoal

Despite what advice you may find online, acidic liquids such as citrus juice and abrasives like charcoal soften and damage tooth enamel. You might as well brush your teeth with coffee!

DIY Treatments

You can try over-the-counter whitening treatments too. But ask your dentist for advice if you’ve had restorative treatments such as bonding, veneers, crowns, fillings in the front of your teeth, or if your teeth are badly stained. Do-it-yourself whitening treatments can harm previous dental work or result in unevenly colored teeth. And absolutely check with your dentist before whitening your teeth if you have gum disease, fragile dental enamel, sensitive teeth, or specific medical conditions.

And carefully read labels before buying products – the American Dental Association warns that whitening products containing over 10 percent hydrogen peroxide or 35 percent carbamide peroxide can hurt your gums.

Your Best Bet?

Talk to your dentist about professional whitening care or porcelain overlays if your teeth have stains that can’t be removed with surface treatments.

If your budget doesn’t include regular dental care, look into a dental savings plan. These plans offer discounts of 10-60% on most dental procedures, including cosmetic treatments which are rarely included with traditional insurance.

“With regular visits to the dentist, you can enjoy your coffee and have a great smile too. And dental savings plans make it easier for Americans to afford quality dental care,” says Jenn Stoll, Chief Commercial Officer at

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Nicole Fry, Communications Manager

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In honor of National Coffee Day, is providing tips for enjoying your favorite brew without destroying your smile.


Nicole Fry, Communications Manager