DKT International Announces 2018 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics

Social marketing programs generated 88.4 million couple years of protection (CYPs) in 65 countries

WASHINGTON--()--In 2018, a total of 122 contraceptive social marketing programs generated 88.4 million couple years of protection* (CYPs) to couples, women, and girls around the world, according to the 2018 Contraceptive Social Marketing (CSM) Statistics report just released by DKT International.

“Each year our findings continue to reinforce how crucial social marketing is in reaching women and couples with the correct education, messaging, and most importantly, high quality and affordable contraceptives,” says Chris Purdy, President and CEO of DKT International. “With an increase of over 8 million CYPs from 2017, social marketing is key in reaching new users of contraceptives on a global scale.”

According to the report, social marketing was responsible for:

  • 1,804,450,137 condoms sold
  • 7,164,421 IUDs sold
  • 204,621,849 cycles of oral contraceptives sold
  • 8,119,804 medical abortion combipacks sold
  • 177,072 manual vacuum aspiration kits sold
  • 17,725,577 emergency contraception pills sold
  • 1,477,978 implants sold

For the sixth consecutive year, DKT Indonesia’s social marketing program took the top spot on the ‘Best Programs’ list, delivering over 9.3 million CYPs in 2018. Following DKT Indonesia is the Social Marketing Company of Bangladesh with over 5.3 million CYPs and in third, DKT Ethiopia, delivering over 4.1 million CYPs. The top ten programs all delivered over 300,000 CYPs and reached more than 10% of the target market.

In 2018, DKT served 45 million couples, helped prevent 13 million unwanted pregnancies, 32,000 maternal deaths, and 10 million unsafe abortions across the 24 countries with DKT offices and 55 total countries with DKT products.

* For this report, DKT International calculates a couple year of protection as equivalent to 100 sold condoms, 200 free condoms, 14 pill cycles, 4 three-month injectables, 6 two-month injectables, 12 one-month injectables, 20 female condoms, 14 emergency contraceptives, three 0.33 implants, four 0.25 implants, five 0.20 implants, 0.23 intrauterine devices, 0.59 medical abortion doses (mifepristone and misoprostol combination packs), 0.0208 manual vacuum aspiration kits, and 16 misoprostol pills.

Founded in 1989, DKT International, a registered, non-profit organization, is one of the largest private providers of family planning products and services in the developing world, focusing the power of social marketing on some of the largest countries with the greatest needs for family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and safe abortion.


Jaimie Weiner

Release Summary

DKT International releases 2018 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics and reports a total of 88.4 million CYPs across 65 countries.


Jaimie Weiner