Bishop-McCann Is First in the Meeting and Event Industry to Offer a Real-Time Return on Experience

 Immersion Neuroscience technology includes a wearable sensor that allows Bishop-McCann to optimize the event experience and gather immediate, accurate data.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--()--Events are an investment to produce and it’s always been challenging to determine an actual return on experience (ROE). Now, new technology is making it possible to measure attendee engagement in real time allowing planners to design event programming for maximum impact.

Bishop-McCann, an award-winning, worldwide leader in the meetings, incentive programs and events industry, has partnered with Immersion Neuroscience to bring the new Return on Experience technology to the forefront.

Immersion Events consists of an app paired with a small neurosensor worn by attendees on a wristband. Neurologic immersion is captured passively and in real time, second-by-second. This data is sent to the cloud, allowing the ability to quickly understand and effectively maximize the impact of the event by:

  • Supporting event speakers so they know exactly how their audience will react BEFORE delivering a message.
  • Obtaining real-time data after presentations to know what parts of the message the audience was immersed in and will remember.
  • Strengthening training initiatives to ensure training is easily recalled and acted on to improve business outcomes.
  • Recognizing the best networking locations, the impact of exhibitor spaces, and other physical aspects of the event.
  • Identifying what each attendee cared about the most, giving more context to post-event surveys and allowing for customized follow-up after the event.

“Until now, we’ve relied upon the recollection of event attendees via surveys, often delivered weeks after the event took place, to determine whether or not a meeting or event was successful,” said Rob Adams, Bishop-McCann President & Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership with Immersion Neuroscience lets us precisely identify which meeting or event elements attendees loved and what frustrated them, so we can create extraordinary, impactful events proving ROE.”

“This is the only software platform and wearable sensor that measures what people care about in real time, which is extremely valuable in the meetings and events industry,” said Paul J. Zak, Ph.D., Immersion Events co-founder. “Too often, you execute great events, but you don’t know how great they are. Now, you’re able to objectively and granularly measure the impact of an event in ways that post-meeting surveys cannot.”

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Mary Prevost, 612-202-3047