No Lazy Days of Summer for DKT International

From new ad campaigns and surveys to price reductions and a Guinness World Record, DKT has had a busy summer providing family planning and HIV protection worldwide

WASHINGTON--()--DKT International, one of the largest private providers of family planning products and services in the developing world, reports a busy summer launching new ads, reducing contraceptive prices, surveying youth, publishing an important article, and even setting a Guinness World Record.

“We’re delighted by having conducted the initiatives summarized below and have many more in the works for the remainder of the year and for 2020,” says Chris Purdy, DKT’s CEO. Among DKT’s worldwide activities this summer have been the following:

  • First-of-Their-Kind Contraceptives Offered in Nigeria: DKT expanded contraceptive offerings with two new oral pills, Dianofem and Desofem, the first of their kind on the Nigerian market. DKT Nigeria is offering health benefits beyond contraception and providing women even more choice when it comes to sexual and reproductive health.
  • A New Sex Survey Conducted in Myanmar: DKT Conducted a survey of 1,000 young people about their attitudes around sex and found that only a quarter of respondents had received formal sex education, although 62 percent of those surveyed thought sex ed was "very important."
  • A Guinness World Record Set in Pakistan: For World Population Day on July 11th, DKT Pakistan set the Guinness World Record for the largest condom mosaic with a rendition of the DKT logo consisting of 155,952 Strawberry and Classic Josh-branded condoms, with youth from all over Pakistan helping to create the mosaic.
  • Emergency Contraceptives Advertised in West Africa (a First): Pharmacists are reporting that women have been asking for "the pill they saw on TV" following region’s first-ever commercial for emergency contraceptives airing in Kenya, Mali, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin, Togo, and Burkina Faso. The ad features a couple's journey from the bedroom to the pharmacy for the Lydia emergency contraceptive pill.
  • Price Reductions by DKT WomanCare: WomanCare, DKT’s global reproductive health marketing and product distribution platform, announced a reduced price for the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspirator technology, making abortion care more affordable for women. In addition, WomanCare was featured in iMPACT magazine in July, highlighting plans to further ensure women everywhere can access safe and affordable abortion care.

Finally, because so many nonprofits struggle with predicting their financial futures, Chris Purdy has published an article in the August Philanthropy Journal News entitled “Making Nonprofit Revenue More Predictable.” The article concludes by offering these six simple rules:

  1. Thoroughly analyze the forces affecting your revenue.
  2. Diversify your donor base.
  3. Be creative in considering funding options not tried before.
  4. Look for ways to at least partially self-fund.
  5. Make sure you have people with business acumen on board.
  6. Never take any revenue source for granted.

“We estimate that in 2018 our products and services globally have resulted in 43,615,179 couple years of protection (CYPs),” adds Purdy. “And we expect our 2019 results to be even better. We have one simple mission: helping families everywhere control their reproductive lives, prevent disease, and look toward a bright future.”

Since 1989, DKT International’s core mission has been to provide safe and affordable options for family planning and HIV prevention through social marketing in 33 populous countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia encompassing almost 62% of the world’s population.


Jaimie Weiner

Release Summary

DKT International announces latest news: a Guinness World Record, sex surveys in conservative Myanmar, emergency contraception in W. Africa, and more.


Jaimie Weiner