Solely, Inc. Launches Its Innovative Fruit Jerky Line at All U.S. Whole Foods Market Stores

LA JOLLA, Calif.--()--Just in time for the back-to-school season, Solely, Inc. has launched its line of six certified-organic, single and two-ingredient fruit jerkies at all 470 Whole Foods Market Stores in the U.S. The product will be offered at an amazing promotional price for the 7-week duration of the promotion, to allow new consumers to sample and enjoy this innovative product.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Whole Foods Market on this nationwide launch,” said Simon Sacal, Solely’s CEO. “Our company’s values are fully aligned with those of Whole Foods, and we are laser-focused on bringing our world-class innovation and supply chain capabilities – in plant-based snacking and nutrition – to bear in order to impress and delight every consumer in the U.S.”

Solely uses a patented cold-pressing process to transform fresh, organic produce into a tasty, all natural, single portion, jerky snack. The tasting experience of the fruit jerky is akin to that of biting into a fresh fruit in texture, aroma and taste. Each strip is one whole fruit (1/2 of a fruit in the case of the pineapple flavor), without any added sugars, concentrates, sulfites or other hidden ingredients.

The company’s progressive, plant-forward philosophy has resulted in a line that is vegan, kosher, Non-GMO and USDA organic, amazingly innovative by most standards, and very exciting to consumers. Since the line’s launch in Fall of 2018, distribution has steadily increased to over 3,000 points of sales nationwide, with category-leading sales velocities.

Solely’s first line extension, dried fruits, is nearly as astonishing from a flavor and experience perspective, as its first line, and the products don’t contain added sugar, flavors or sulfites.

All of the company’s fruit snacks are made from ripe and delicious, yet sometimes esthetically imperfect fruit. “We work with our farmers and in our factories to reduce food waste as much as possible,” said Gabriel Sacal, co-founder of the company. “Each piece is chosen for its flavor, nutrient quality and ripeness, we don’t throw away product that is not esthetically perfect because we know nature allows for imperfections. We gently and slowly dry our fruit in our own processing facilities, for a naturally sweet flavor in each bite. Our unique process allows for each bite to taste as succulent and flavorful as a fresh, ripe fruit without all the added sugars and preservatives of most products in the market.”

In staying true to its core belief that food production should be sustainable, the company has strategically placed its world-class processing facilities close to its fields. Similarly, its innovative packaging design is minimalistic and meant to offer a long shelf life while minimizing the products’ carbon footprint.

Solely’s R&D team has been working intensively to create exciting new fruit jerky and dried fruit flavors to be launched in Q4 2019.

About Solely, Inc.

Solely, Inc. is a subsidiary of Mexico City-based Fruitex, SA of Mexico, 1,000-strong, innovative clean food company that is rethinking how food is developed, grown, sourced, processed and sold. Through Solely, Fruitex approaches each point in the product life cycle as a new problem to be solved, creating innovative methods of farming and production that result in revolutionary brands with a tangible difference. Solely is a complete lifestyle concept rather than a single product and has plans to roll out a wide variety of items across multiple categories.


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