Knorr® Celebrates Mothers in the New “Love is Mom’s Cooking” Campaign.

A new campaign from the Unilever brand showcases how meals made with love can change everything.

(Graphic: MIKADO International)

DENVER--()--A bowl of your favorite noodle soup made by Mom will always be special. It has the power to turn your day around, and more than that, it is a thoughtful expression of her love.​

Knorr® and MIKADO International have brought that feeling to life in a series of three TV commercials within their “Love is Mom’s Cooking” campaign. The campaign celebrates how cooking is an act of love that is passed down between a Chinese mother and daughter.

The commercial series explores a young woman named Lee May going through life from childhood, to adulthood, to motherhood. What bridges the stories together is her connection to her mother’s cooking through a very special bowl of noodle soup made with Knorr® Chicken Powder.

“Knorr® Chicken Powder is all about bringing families together and feeding from the heart. We wanted to show how cooking can be another way to say ‘I love you.’” - Brent Malone, Brand Manager at Unilever International

In the first commercial, we see young Lee May coming home after a rough day, and her mother knows how to cheer her up; with a bowl of her favorite noodle soup.

​In the second commercial, Lee May is now a college student, stressed about an important assignment. However, making a bowl of soup, complete with the same magic stir she did as a child with her mother, gets her back in the groove.

In the final commercial, we see Lee May all grown up with a daughter of her own. When her daughter feels unwell, she is reminded of how her mother’s soup brought her comfort after a tough day. Together they make the soup, and end with a meaningful moment between them.

The TV series not only highlights the quality flavor of Knorr® Chicken Powder, but how happiness, love and family traditions can be expressed one meal at a time. ​The commercials will air on iTalkBB and other platforms, and will aim to reach the four million Chinese Americans living in the United States. Other campaign elements include innovative in-store displays, digital ads on cooking websites, a specially curated website, and using key influencers sharing videos and blog posts of their favorite recipes.

“We wanted to tell a heartfelt story that happens in Chinese-American homes everywhere. Using the universal insight that cooking is a way to communicate love, we wanted to show how a bowl of soup can mean so much more.” – Nahil Khalife, Creative Director, MIKADO International


Nikky Venkataraman

Release Summary

Knorr® and MIKADO International have created a series of three Chinese TV commercials within their “Love is Mom’s Cooking” campaign.


Nikky Venkataraman