New Study Shows Ignite by HatchTM Makes It Easier for Teachers to Support Kindergarten Readiness

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.--()--A recent study found the Ignite by Hatch eases the burdens of two common difficulties for early learning teachers; assessment and documentation.

Ignite is a new game-based teaching and assessment platform from Hatch Early Learning, created to make assessments more manageable for teachers and to help all students achieve kindergarten-readiness.

In an independent research study, teachers reported the content and developmental milestones in Ignite's games accurately measure learning and produce valid documentation and scoring for teachers. Those supports make it easier and less time-consuming to assess and document student learning, including essential school readiness skills.

"This study illustrates how Ignite's games improve the assessment process for teachers. And how using games with standards-based content will help prepare children for kindergarten," explains Ginny Norton, Hatch President. "That's welcome news for families and educators nationwide who want to ensure students have the skills necessary to start school successfully."

The study looked at 40 teachers and more than 500 children participating in Head Start, Public and Private School programs. Teachers were tasked with reviewing the content provided in Ignite's child facing games and were asked to give feedback on whether the experiences provided in the games were of value. Teachers were also asked if the 1-5 scale of targeted standards used in the games was appropriate for all children aged 28 months to 5 years old.

Overwhelmingly Positive Results

Teachers found that using Ignite's interactive games helped them accurately measure student learning and produce valid documentation and scoring.

  • 100% of teachers reported that Ignite's 1 to 5 rating scale is developmentally appropriate for all the experiences
  • 100% of teachers reported that using the Ignite platform would make their assessment process more meaningful

Teachers can't get enough of the games and hands-on experiences and want more! They were also thrilled that the content and experiences provided by Ignite's games were aligned to state, NAEYC, and Head Start standards.

"We're excited about these results," says Norton. "Research tells us when children begin school ready to learn, they are more likely to achieve academically. And academic success is connected to improved social, economic, and health outcomes. Things we all want for our children."

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