Global Utilities Join Target, Softbank at Premier Artificial Intelligence Energy Event Bidgely Engage 2019

Engage 2019 held September 11-13 in Napa, Calif., is utility AI leader Bidgely’s third annual event that brings together utilities, AI experts and tech leaders to discuss applied AI for the energy industry, as well as to enjoy networking in California’s legendary wine country.(Photo: Business Wire)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Utilities and energy retailers from across the globe will gather at the exclusive Bidgely Engage 2019 conference under the banner of ‘Unlock the Power of UtilityAI™’ this September 11-13 in Napa, Calif. Engage 2019 is utility artificial intelligence (AI) leader Bidgely’s third annual event that brings together utilities, AI experts and tech leaders to discuss trends, best practices and lessons learned in applied AI for the energy industry, as well as to enjoy networking in California’s legendary wine country.

“For Engage, we pull in industry luminaries and tech leaders from outside the energy space to learn from their AI journeys and to explore how AI and machine learning advancements specifically for energy is delivering compounding benefits to utilities around the world,” said Bidgely CMO Gautam Aggarwal.

The shift of AI becoming mainstream in the energy industry was recently cited in a report by Navigant Research, covering how the future of utilities will be driven by the emerging disciplines of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Aggarwal continued, “Companies in every industry, be it tech, finance, healthcare, retail, etc., are leveraging the power of AI for the same core purposes: personalizing and digitalizing customer engagement, modernizing operations, elevating the customer experience and generating new revenue. Bidgley Engage showcases how the AI revolution is already underway in energy in these key areas.”

A one-day UtilityAI™ Executive Summit exploring how AI drives strategic vision across the utility is followed by the two-day Bidgely Engage conference, featuring sessions from industry leaders and tech giants shaping today’s consumer expectations. Sessions highlighting how applied AI is being used to optimize shareholder value, personalize the customer experience and modernize grid operations, include:

  • Unlock Your Data with UtilityAI Business Intelligence
  • Should Utilities Stay in Their Lane?
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Energy and Utilities Sector
  • 1-800-Customer-Value: Evolving Customer Service into Customer Value
  • Customer Experience Requires Customer Intelligence
  • Monetizing Kilobytes, Not Kilowatts: AI-Driven Revenue Opportunities and Cost Offsetting
  • Emerging AI Tech for Beneficial Electrification
  • Learning from Japan: What 20 Million Smart Meters Means for Engagement at Scale

Featured speakers include:

  • Cameron Briggs, General Manager, Future Energy, Origin Energy
  • Ashwin Rao, VP of Artificial Intelligence, Target Corporation
  • Miroslav Kulla, CEO, VSE (Innogy)
  • Lang Reynolds, Director of Electric Transportation, Duke Energy
  • Kathy Knoop, Principal Environmental Scientist, Salt River Project
  • Takako Okuda, General Manager, TEPCO
  • Akihiko Nakano, Sr. Director Energy Business, Softbank
  • Adam Grant, Manager DSM Program Delivery, NV Energy
  • Brad Goar, Program Manager, Florida Power and Light

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