Mommy’s Bliss® Earns Certification from NSF International

Gripe Water, Constipation Ease, Organic Vitamin D Drops and Organic Cough Syrups Are Among the Products Now NSF Certified

RICHMOND, Calif.--()--Mommy’s Bliss, a wellness company providing safe and gentle supplements and vitamins for babies and children, stands high as one of the only supplement companies that has earned independent certification from NSF International, a global public health organization. NSF certification helps consumers identify products that have been independently tested and certified to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, and label claims.

Since it was founded in 1999, Mommy’s Bliss has been using high-quality ingredients in trusted formulas, including products for digestive support such as gripe water, gas relief drops and probiotics, and others such as vitamins, electrolytes, and cough syrups. Now, with the NSF certification mark on Mommy’s Bliss product labels, moms can be assured with further confidence that they’re choosing wisely.

“We know how confusing product labels and the listed ingredients can be, and it’s especially important that parents know they can trust what they’re giving to their little ones,” said Yasmin Kaderali, CEO, Mommy’s Bliss. “We ensure our products are formulated using trusted ingredients and contain no added sugar, no alcohol and no artificial flavors or colors, and are free of the top eight allergens. NSF certification is one more way parents know they can trust our products, and we’re honored to be recognized for complying with its stringent standards.”

The following Mommy’s Bliss products are NSF certified:

  • Gripe Water Original
  • Gripe Water Night Time
  • Constipation Ease
  • Organic Vitamin D Drops
  • Organic Kids Cough Syrup + Immunity Support
  • Organic Kids Cough Syrup Night Time
  • Organic Baby Cough Syrup + Immunity Boost
  • Organic Baby Cough Syrup Night Time

“When consumers see the NSF certification mark on a product, they can be sure that product has been tested and certified according to strict standards for quality, safety and label claims to meet the accredited national standard for dietary supplements,” said David Trosin, General Manager and Global Business Development Director, Health Sciences at NSF International. “We’re very pleased to grant NSF certification to Mommy’s Bliss.”

NSF International is a global public health organization that facilitates standards development, and tests and certifies products for the health sciences, food, water and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. With operations in more than 175 countries, NSF International is a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Food Safety, Water Quality and Indoor Environment. For more information on NSF International, visit


Mommy’s Bliss helps moms and babies find bliss in every moment with products crafted from wise ingredients. The company was founded in 1999 by Roshan Kaderali, a mom and pediatric nurse, midwife and doula who had used Gripe Water to ease infant colic and fussiness for years while working in Scotland. When she moved to the U.S., she was astonished that the “magical” Gripe Water formula she relied on wasn’t available here. So, she set out to create Gripe Water and Mommy’s Bliss was born. The company is now headquartered in Richmond, Calif., and led by Roshan’s daughter and CEO Yasmin Kaderali. Mommy’s Bliss crafts a variety of safe and gentle baby and children’s supplements, including a cough relief line, products for digestive support such as Gripe Water and gas drops, and probiotics, electrolytes, and vitamins. Learn more at


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