Brand New Non-Profit TBI Medical-Legal Organization Launched This Month: Brain Society of California (Brain SoCal)

Brain Society of California | Board of Directors (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--Earlier this month, a group of prominent Southern California lawyers launched a new non-profit organization, called Brain Society of California (“Brain SoCal”), dedicated to raising awareness and education regarding traumatic brain injury (“TBI”). Brain SoCal is a non-profit organization founded by TBI attorney and advocate, Tina Odjaghian, in order to create a platform to exchange ideas among prominent medical-legal professionals in the TBI community, and serve as a resource to brain-injured individuals and their support structures at the most difficult time in their lives.

Ms. Odjaghian, most known for achieving some of the highest consecutive settlements and awards on behalf of injured workers in catastrophic cases in California, has enlisted the help and partnership of the most prominent medical and legal professionals in the brain injury community, including trial lawyers Tom Girardi (most well-known for his involvement in the PG&E case with Erin Brokovich, and cast member of the Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Brian Panish, a Los Angeles-based personal injury trial lawyer who has obtained some of the most significant jury verdicts in United States history on behalf of plaintiffs.

The Board of Directors dream team that will carry out the organization’s mission also includes superstar trial lawyers Arash Homampour, Chris Dolan, Brian Chase, Mike Arias, John Carpenter, Chris AuMais, Rahul Ravipudi, Steve Vartazarian, Bobby Saadian, Ibiere Seck, Tom Feher, Pejman Ben-Cohen, Minh Nguyen, Mauro Fiore, Jr. and Anna Sarukhanyan. The Board is also joined by Naz Yari, Vice-President of Power Liens, LLC, dedicated to giving injured persons access to care, and Dr. Armen Terteryan, TBI advocate. Dr. David Patterson of Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare will head the medical advisory team to the Board of Directors.

The organization’s mission is to share fresh ideas and disseminate cutting-edge medical and legal knowledge and resources to families and professionals charged with the responsibility of advocating on behalf of individuals suffering from brain injury, and arming them with the tools necessary to improve their recovery and quality of life through education, advocacy, collaboration, and support.

With the incidence of TBI at an all-time high and a staggering number of new cases reported each year, the need for education and advocacy is present more than ever. Attorneys and medical professionals demonstrating exemplary leadership and skills in mastering their craft have come together to dedicate their time and resources to spearhead Brain SoCal and create a nexus to champion the cause of catastrophically injured individuals suffering from TBI.

Brain SoCal will host its first annual medical-legal convention, Brain SoCal Med-Legal, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on October 4 and 5, 2019. At the convention, the nation’s leading traumatic brain injury experts will share cutting-edge innovations and pearls of wisdom with invaluable and relevant resources and lessons for all persons and professionals affected by TBI.

Registration is now open for Brain SoCal Med-Legal at


Tina Odjaghian, Chairman of Brain Society of California (800) 840-6137

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A group of prominent Southern California lawyers launched a new TBI non-profit organization, called Brain Society of California (“Brain SoCal”)


Tina Odjaghian, Chairman of Brain Society of California (800) 840-6137