Gimme Seltzer: Ficks Hard Seltzer Expands Distribution Throughout California and Washington

Only Hard Seltzer Flavored with Real Fruit Carves Its Niche as Premium Offering in Exploding Category

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Ficks Beverage Company, the craft brewery behind rapidly expanding Ficks Hard Seltzer, announced that its line of real fruit hard seltzers is now distributed throughout its entire home state of California, and into Washington state. Available at leading retailers such as Whole Foods, Target and Safeway, Ficks Hard Seltzer has quickly found its place as the more premium offering in this nascent category, which customers attribute to their use of pure fruit juice for flavoring to drive more authentic taste.

The only hard seltzer made in California, each can of grapefruit, blackberry, cranberry and lime is the simple mix of real fruit juice (not from concentrate), sparkling water, and alcohol the team makes from fermenting sugar and California oranges at their partner facility in Sonoma’s wine country. Ficks Hard Seltzer has zero added sugar, just 100 calories, and is gluten free – while still having 5% ABV.

“We looked at the hard seltzer category and loved the aspects of lower calories and less carbs, but couldn’t find anybody that really liked the taste or recognized the ingredients,” says Ron Alvarado, one of the team’s co-founders. “We made the choice to be the only brand to use actual fruit juice to flavor our hard seltzers, rather than just extracts or natural flavors. It may cost us more, but in the end better taste and knowing what you’re drinking were things we wouldn’t compromise on.”

Now available in variety 12-packs to complement their existing 6-packs, the Ficks team is excited about the incredible reception their products have received despite coming from humble beginnings.

“We’re somewhat unique as a craft brewery, in that we only specialize in hard seltzer. From inception, this was our focus, not beer in the traditional sense. A lot of people don’t realize that the hard seltzer category is actually made up of the largest breweries in the world masquerading as small companies,” says Mike Williamson, co-founder and former college roommate of Alvarado. “But craft is just a word. What really makes us so is our commitment to supplying the best ingredients solely from California and other states on the west coast. When people taste these, they understand the difference.”

Ficks is now distributed throughout California with Morris, Delta Pacific, Mussetter, Guardian, Local Craft, and Brown Bag Distributing. The products are distributed in Washington state through Kendall’s Pioneer and Dickerson Distributing.

About Ficks Beverage Company

Ficks is a San Francisco-based beverage company that makes the bar better-for-you with its lines of pure fruit juice hard seltzers and wellness focused cocktail mixers. Founded by college roommates that believed you could cut calories and sugar, while maintaining quality, the company’s products are now carried in the beer and bar aisles of major retailers such as Whole Foods, Target and Safeway.


Media Contact and All Other Inquiries: Ron Alvarado


Media Contact and All Other Inquiries: Ron Alvarado