Investec Bank PLC - XS1757822066 Final Redemption


Investec Bank PLC

Issue of USD 2,000,000 Fixed Rate Credit Linked

Notes due 2020 Series 546 Tranche 1 MTN ISIN - XS1757822066

The Issuer hereby gives notice to the Noteholders that following the receipt of a CDS Event, the Notes shall be redeemed in accordance with Additional Term 4 © (Redemption and Settlement following delivery of a CDS Event Notice).

Further to the above and in accordance with the Additional terms of the Notes, the Issuer shall redeem all outstanding Notes in full on 05 July 2019 at the CDS Event Redemption Amount, together with interest accrued up to and including the Interest Accrual Cessation Date (Total Redemption Amount).

Principal Paying Agent

Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch

Winchester House

1 Great Winchester Street

London EC2N 2BD

United Kingdom

Short Name: Deutsche Bank AG
Category Code: MSCU
Sequence Number: 671609
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20190705T104209+0100


Deutsche Bank AG


Deutsche Bank AG