Fauna Announces General Availability of Its GraphQL API

Native GraphQL Support Makes FaunaDB the Most Full-featured Database for Building Cloud-native, Serverless Apps

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fauna, provider of the popular cloud-first database FaunaDB, recently named to the 2019 DBTA 100, announced today the general availability of its GraphQL API. The introduction of GraphQL support further boosts developer productivity by enabling fast, easy development of serverless applications and makes FaunaDB the only serverless backend that supports this critical layer for universal database access.

With support for GraphQL, FaunaDB offers one of the most versatile cloud database services in the market. Serverless and multi-cloud, FaunaDB allows developers to use any API of choice to manipulate all their data, thereby unlocking new levels of productivity for serverless application development.

“Fauna’s GraphQL support is being introduced at a perfect time as rich, serverless apps are disrupting traditional development models,” said Matt Biilmann, CEO at Netlify, a Fauna partner. “GraphQL is becoming increasingly important to the entire developer community as they continue to leverage JAMstack and serverless to simplify cloud application development. We applaud Fauna’s work as the first company to bring a serverless GraphQL database to market.”

Bridging the Data Gap in Serverless App Development

GraphQL allows developers to specify the shape of the data they need without requiring changes to the backend components that provide that data. The GraphQL API in FaunaDB enables teams to collaborate more smoothly, allowing back-end teams to focus on security and business logic, and front-end teams to concentrate on presentation and usability. Developers using the GraphQL API in FaunaDB can now leverage all of the common database capabilities of transactional consistency, user authorization, data access, quality of service (QoS) and temporal storage to develop serverless applications more seamlessly.

Consistency: FaunaDB offers the highest consistency levels for its transactions. These strong consistency guarantees are automatically applied to all platform APIs.

Authorization: Unlike most databases that control access at a table level, FaunaDB provides access control at a row (document) level. This fine-grained access control is applicable to all APIs, be it GraphQL or SQL.

Shared Data Access: Data written by one API (e.g. GraphQL) can be read and modified by another API (e.g. SQL). This is in stark contrast with databases that limit APIs to their specific datasets.

QoS: FaunaDB’s built-in prioritization policies for concurrent workloads are enforced at the database level or with access keys. All API access automatically adheres to these QoS definitions.

Temporality: FaunaDB is the only database that provides built-in temporality support with no limits on data history. With per-query snapshots, any platform API (e.g. SQL) in FaunaDB can return data at any given time.

“The rise of serverless development is being driven by the growing demands for simplicity and the desire to pay for infrastructure on a per-use basis,” said Evan Weaver, Founder and CEO of Fauna. “FaunaDB meets both of these requirements and is proven to be one of the safest transactional cloud-first databases on the market. This latest enhancement demonstrates our commitment to simplifying application development and enabling developers to capture the benefits of operational simplicity, horizontal scalability and transactional consistency in a single system, while only paying for the queries they execute.”

According to Zion Research, the global serverless architecture market was valued at $3.46 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $18.04 billion by 2024. Given this tremendous growth and the benefits that GraphQL brings to serverless development, developers will increasingly look for back-end GraphQL support like that which is found in FaunaDB to close the data gap that until now, has existed between the back-end database and cloud application development.

About Fauna

FaunaDB is a cloud-first database that offers low-latency, global access to both relational and document data, without sacrificing strong data consistency. Scalable, secure, and developer-friendly, FaunaDB is designed to support modern application development in the Cloud. Developers looking to build rich applications look to FaunaDB as the de facto data platform for speed and ease. Founded in 2012 by the team that scaled Twitter, Fauna is based in San Francisco and Boston, and funded by Point72 Ventures, CRV, Data Collective, and Quest Venture Partners, with strategic investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures, a division of Alphabet), Capital One Growth Ventures, and LINE Corporation. For more information visit fauna.com or follow us at @fauna.


Joe Volat, Milestone PR
joe@milestone-pr.com | 415.613.3051

Release Summary

New GraphQL support in FaunaDB enables fast, easy development of serverless applications.


Joe Volat, Milestone PR
joe@milestone-pr.com | 415.613.3051