CORRECTING and REPLACING New Product Roadmap Positions RadiantOne as Foundation for Identity Integration and Synchronization to the Cloud

New Version 7.3 To Be Showcased at Identiverse Conference Radiant Logic

NOVATO, Calif.--()--In the seventh paragraph of release, Radiant Logic customer name should read: T.D. Bank (instead of T.D. Ameritrade).

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New Version 7.3 To Be Showcased at Identiverse Conference

Radiant Logic today announces the product roadmap for its flagship federated identity and directory service, RadiantOne FID. The new version 7.3 expands the focus on identity integration and synchronization between data center and cloud. The product will continue to specialize in building a comprehensive identity service through virtualization to power important initiatives like enterprise IAM and CIAM, while also extending its reach to cloud-based identity sources and directories. RadiantOne version 7.3, released this month, allows major enterprises to transition to cloud-based infrastructure while still serving existing applications on-premises.

“Whether to store and sync identities on-cloud only, on-prem only, or a combination of the two is not an easy question, and has to be answered differently for each enterprise,” says Radiant Logic CEO and co-founder Michel Prompt. “We recognize that, and our focus is on creating a bridge between the on-prem and cloud-based world. RadiantOne is built to be an infinitely customizable identity foundation, supporting every enterprise in its unique use case and configuration.”

For years, identity information has been pushed towards the perimeter. Using identity virtualization, RadiantOne enables large enterprises, governments, and organizations to integrate and unify identity, without having to disrupt existing identity systems and applications.

“Most enterprises can’t ‘start from scratch’ and develop a totally separate infrastructure since identity is so engrained in almost every business function and existing process. The path forward must both accommodate the reality of business and technology today and the future state that provides the flexibility, contextual awareness and speed that is critical to achieve true digital transformation,” says TechVision Research CEO Gary Rowe. “An enterprise identity foundation should feature virtualization and standardization to integrate, manage and secure the massive amount of data being generated and consumed.”

RadiantOne 7.3 includes enhancements to make authentication and authorization in hybrid environments more secure and more efficient, while paving the way for an easy migration to the cloud. RadiantOne 7.3 includes the Universal Cloud Identity Connector (UCIC), making it easier to map and synchronize identities to cloud targets like Azure AD, Salesforce, Google Directory, Okta, Workday, and many other SaaS applications. The release also includes usability upgrades like a “workflow light” function for administrators, a membership topology wizard, and a global profile viewer.

Showcase for Identity Integration Solutions at Identiverse

Join Radiant Logic at the Identiverse conference in Washington D.C., from June 25-27 for customer use cases, a user panel, and a masterclass series addressing today’s most pressing enterprise identity issues. Visitors can also drop by booth #300 to schedule a one-on-one meeting or product demo.

Radiant Logic customers T.D. Bank, Thomson Reuters, Honeywell, and Equifax will all be sharing the various ways they used RadiantOne to eliminate roadblocks, meet new business initiatives, and produce cost-savings. In addition, Radiant Logic will be leading three Master Workshop classes. This series will be geared towards functioning in the hybrid world, moving towards digital transformation, and enabling the future of identity management. TechVision Research CEO Gary Rowe will co-lead the final session, “Implementing the Future of IDM.”

Further information on all of these sessions can be found here.

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Radiant Logic announces the new product roadmap for RadiantOne FID, extending its reach to cloud-based identity sources and directories.

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Heather MacKenzie
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