CyberFortress Announces New Business Downtime Risk Assessment

New Company Brings Unique Cybersecurity Expertise to the Cyber Insurance Industry

CyberFortress Risk Assessment Landing Page (Photo: Business Wire)

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--CyberFortress, an Insurtech startup focused on protecting e-commerce companies from cyber threats, officially launched its Downtime Risk Assessment for the conclusion of Plug and Play’s Insurtech accelerator program. The assessment helps e-commerce companies reduce their risk of suffering an event that leads to downtime. The CyberFortress team brings over a decade of small business cybersecurity expertise to the problem, providing users with a deep understanding of the cyber risks that small businesses face.

“The main cyber threat facing e-commerce companies is downtime. A DDoS attack, ransomware, or even a service provider outage or failure can be devastating to an e-commerce company,” said Huw Edwards, CEO of CyberFortress. “If a small e-commerce company can’t collect revenue, they may not be able to make their next payroll, threatening their ability to survive.”

CyberFortress’s offering is built off of the continuous collection of data from thousands of features and technology choices evaluated through time and analyzed using machine learning to provide a fact-based and probabilistic assessment of a company’s exposure to suffering downtime.

The CyberFortress Downtime Risk Assessment differs from competitors by employing machine learning to infer underlying behaviors of e-commerce businesses as they relate to technology, an essential and often overlooked aspect of security.

“You can have the best alarm system in the world, but if you forget to turn it on then it’s worthless. Behavior matters. And the same is true in cyberspace,” said Mike DeFelice, CTO of CyberFortress. “CyberFortress’s risk assessment model analyzes the nature and pace of technology changes as a proxy for a company’s attitude and approach to security, which helps us quantify the behavioral factors that make or break a company’s security.”

Organizations that use CyberFortress’s Downtime Risk Assessment can take advantage of its ease of use, as it requires only a business email address, and its unique behavioral focus.

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About CyberFortress

CyberFortress is a cyber insurance company that is building a new kind of online business interruption policy for e-commerce companies. Headquartered in San Antonio, CyberFortress leverages over a decade of security and technical expertise working with small business data security. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

CyberFortress announces the launch of a new business downtime risk assessment to help e-commerce companies evaluate cyber threats.


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