Health-Related Finances Keeping Retirees up at Night Study Reveals Seniors’ Biggest Health Affordability Concerns

PLANTATION, Fla.--()--A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of reveals that retirees and soon-to-be retired adults are increasingly concerned about the affordability of health care – including dental – as they age.

Top medical issues retirees worry they can’t afford, include the following:

  • Dentures/veneers 27%
  • Trauma 27%
  • Broken bone 23%
  • Hip/knee replacement 22%
  • Lost tooth 20%
  • Root canal 19%
  • Cavity 13%
  • Chipped tooth 12%
  • Stitches 11%
  • Concussion 11%

The survey collected information from 2,000 Americans and was focused on examining how people pay for unexpected medical or dental bills.

Almost half of the older respondents affirmed, unsurprisingly, that cost is the biggest factor when deciding to go to the doctor or dentist. But, while more than half of the respondents over 50 said that they plan on letting Medicare handle health expenses, basic Medicare does not cover dental care (with a few, very specific exceptions).

“It’s hard for people of any age to understand the complexities of health and dental insurance,” says Jenn Stoll, Chief Commercial Officer for, a leading online dental and health savings marketplace. “So many people think once they reach age 65, they’re covered and don’t have to worry about paying for health care anymore. Sadly, that is not true.”

It’s critical to get regular care, as oral health issues associated with aging, such as dental decay, tooth loss and gum disease can, for the most part, be prevented with consistent dental care and an at-home hygiene routine that addresses the needs of older adults.

“Thankfully, there’s no need to skip dental checkups and cleanings due to a fixed budget,” said Stoll. “Dental savings plans, an established alternative to traditional dental insurance, helps to make quality dental care more affordable, with discounts of 10-60% on most dental procedures from a nationwide network of dentists.”

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Nicole Fry, Communications Manager

Release Summary

A new survey conducted for reveals that retirees are increasingly concerned about the affordability of health and dental care.


Nicole Fry, Communications Manager