Arkema: Disclosure of Trading in Own Shares From 06 May to 10 May 2019

COLOMBES, France--()--Regulatory News:

In accordance with applicable regulations, Arkema (Paris:AKE) announces having carried out the following share buyback transactions in accordance with Article 5 §2 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 from 06 May to 10 May 2019

Name of the issuer   Issuer identifier code   Day of the transaction  

Financial instrument
identifier code


Total daily volume
(number of shares)


Weighted average
price of daily acquisition


identifier code

ARKEMA 9695000EHMS84KKP2785 06/05/2019 FR0010313833 3000 86.5384 XPAR
ARKEMA 9695000EHMS84KKP2785 07/05/2019 FR0010313833 3000 85.4703 XPAR
ARKEMA 9695000EHMS84KKP2785 08/05/2019 FR0010313833 3000 83.138 XPAR
ARKEMA 9695000EHMS84KKP2785 09/05/2019 FR0010313833 3000 81.4073 XPAR
ARKEMA 9695000EHMS84KKP2785 10/05/2019 FR0010313833   3000   80.3925 XPAR


  15,000   83.3893

Detailed information can be found on the Group Arkema website: