Are Beauty Products The New Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift? Beauty Retailers Saw Noticeable Spike 3 Days Before the Holiday; Flowers Go Strong Until Day Of, Reports Bluecore

Retail Marketing Technology Company Releases 2019 Shopper Trends and Buying Behaviors Based on Insights from Retailers Actively Engaged in Mother’s Day Marketing Promotions

NEW YORK--()--Bluecore, the retail marketing technology company that more than 400 retailers rely on to launch highly-personalized campaigns at scale, today announced the findings of its real-time analysis of shoppers’ ecommerce behaviors leading up to Mother’s Day. According to its new 2019 data, flowers and jewelry are still go-to Mother’s Day favorites, but beauty joins shoppers’ last-minute shopping lists and high-end apparel emerges as a high-performing Mother’s Day retail category.

Bluecore gathered and analyzed data from the 35 of its 400+ retail clients. The company selected retailers in beauty, high-end apparel, jewelry and specialty gifts with the greatest spikes in purchases in the two weeks leading up to this year’s holiday. Its 2019 Mother’s Day data is based on 5.10M orders and $527.7M in total sales.

Highlights of Bluecore’s 2019 findings include:

  • When did shoppers buy for Mother’s Day? Retailers began seeing significant increases in buying activity—as compared to an average day—beginning 12 days before Mother’s Day.
    • Specialty gift retailers (e.g., flowers, wine) saw the greatest spikes in last-minute purchases, with a staggering 100% increase in an average day’s purchase activity occurring two and three days before the holiday.
    • High-end apparel retailers (with average order values of more than $85) experienced a steady increase in purchases in the two weeks prior to the holiday, with a whopping 34% increase in purchases four days before Mother’s Day.
    • Jewelry retailers saw purchases increase 63% six days before Mother’s Day.
    • And beauty retailers saw purchases peak with a 59% increase in orders six days before the holiday and a 27% increase three days before Mother’s Day.
  • How many times did shoppers view products before making a purchase? Shoppers looking for gifts for mom viewed a single product multiple times before buying.
    • High-end apparel products were the most highly considered purchases, even above jewelry, with shoppers viewing a product up to 12.7 times before buying.
    • Shoppers viewed jewelry products 9.1 times before
    • They viewed beauty products 6.9 times before buying.
    • And they viewed specialty gift items 4.3 times before purchase.
  • How many products did shoppers view before making a purchase? Shoppers considered multiple products for mom before buying. Rates differed by category:
    • High-end apparel: Shoppers viewed an average of 7.1 products before purchase.
    • Jewelry: They viewed 4.2 products before purchase.
    • Beauty: They viewed 3.4 products before purchase.
    • Specialty Gifts: They viewed 2 products before purchase.

Mother’s Day is one of the most lucrative buying holidays of the year, predicted by the NRF to top $25 Billion in sales in 2019,” said Rob Holland, COO of Bluecore. “Across the four retail categories we’ve looked at, we saw spikes in shopper activity and purchases that rival major buying holidays like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. While not all retailers jump on the opportunity, those who are marketing to Mother’s Day shoppers are seeing more sales, more repeat purchases and more opportunities for consumer engagement leading up to end-of-year shopping.”

Bluecore is the only company in the retail space able to deliver real-time insights into consumers’ interactions with specific products, and predict how those interactions influence future behaviors. It uses these insights to personalize individual shoppers’ experiences, at scale, through its AI-driven platform.

For comparison with its 2019 Mother’s Day findings, Bluecore’s complete 2018 report can be downloaded here.

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Kieran Powell


Kieran Powell