JDA Accelerates Intelligent Execution Capabilities

Latest cloud-based JDA Transportation, Warehouse and Labor Management releases enable real-time execution, planning, and end-to-end visibility

DALLAS & SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--JDA ICON 2019 – JDA Software, Inc., today announced new capabilities within its supply chain execution solutions portfolio that continue to deliver on its strategy to seamlessly connect supply chain processes spanning factories, warehouses, and stores to profitably satisfy demand. Strategy advances in the services-based architecture, API-based communication layer and continued integrations with Microsoft Azure and MuleSoft showcase the value of JDA solutions that will quickly return value to customers and partners.

“These powerful new enhancements represent our commitment to provide solutions that drive operational efficiencies in a constraint-aware and status-aware landscape across planning and execution,” said Scott Zickert, group vice president, product management, JDA. “These enhancements also reflect a substantial transition in architecture strategy in line with our vision to deliver the JDA® LuminateTM portfolio to extend and enhance our existing capabilities while embracing a digital, partner-friendly ecosystem. The migration to modularized, services-based application development for improved interoperability, supported by a compelling API strategy to accelerate speed-to-value in an app-store like ecosystem showcases JDA’s commitment to providing best in class solutions to our customers.”

JDA Transportation Management

JDA Transportation Management maximizes efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins by driving comprehensive transportation capacity planning, through real-time constraint-aware transportation planning. JDA Transportation Management also extends real-time visibility and collaboration through a network of digital sensing partners.

New capabilities include:

  • Partner Ecosystem Advancement for Real-Time Execution: New capabilities with JDA Transportation Manager facilitate dynamic rate commitments through enhanced APIs from dynamic carrier network capacity providers in the digital freight marketplace. This enables shippers to get dynamic real-time rate quotes and execute with these providers to supplement their capacity needs alongside traditionally contracted carriers.
  • Expanded Mobility Capabilities: Mobile capabilities support trips, multi-driver operations, push notifications and additional languages. The mapping and usability features enable fleet operators to effectively set-up, manage and track driver operations.
  • SaaS-based Transportation Modeling: Transportation modeling is now fully maintained in a secure JDA cloud environment with continuous incremental upgrades and multi-user capabilities. This offers customers an intuitive modeling user experience to rapidly build new models, identify, solve and analyze transportation network costs and service improvement opportunities.
  • Embedded Fleet Asset Extensions: Enhanced discrete asset dispatch capabilities help customers manage assets by geographical area. Tighter integration with execution mode scheduling give extended visibility to asset proximity, arming dispatchers with real-time information to assign assets.
  • Simplified Templating and Onboarding: More granular job definitions support job chaining and decision job types by embedding job calls at an entity level. This enables customers to automate complex jobs and further improve efficiencies in their planning and execution workflow.

JDA Warehouse Management

JDA Warehouse Management enables real-time optimization of key warehouse activities, allowing customers to deliver on increasingly aggressive service level expectations while maintaining operational efficiencies and inventory quality and freshness concerns.

New capabilities include:

  • Public API Migration: The public API strategy provides safe extensibility and communication protocols to customers and partners, while providing the fundamental communication structure that will be leveraged by JDA’s next generation mobility tools and standardized automation interfaces through JDA’s Autonomous warehouse strategy, which is accelerated through JDA’s partnership with MuleSoft.
  • Revised Mobile User Experience: An updated mobile interface provides the right information at the right time and right on the warehouse floor. New dashboards ensure labor activities are properly tracked and measured through an intuitive user experience. And, by leveraging mobile devices on the warehouse floor, managers and supervisors can measure employee productivity against expectations for more proactive labor management.
  • Business Analysis: New business analysis capabilities help identify trends, plan effectively and take action. In tandem with IBM Cognos Analytics, JDA provides drillable, actionable and configurable dashboards to identify key trends and opportunities. Mobile reporting provides up-to-date exception monitoring and self-service capabilities, making it simple for executives, managers and end users to get the data they need and have a holistic view into reliable analysis for effective decision-making.

(see accompanying release: JDA Launches ML-Powered Luminate Warehouse Tasking to Intelligently Optimize Tasks in Real-Time)

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JDA Public Relations Contact:
Jolene Peixoto, Senior Director, Corporate Communications
Tel: +1 978-475-0524, jolene.peixoto@jda.com


JDA Public Relations Contact:
Jolene Peixoto, Senior Director, Corporate Communications
Tel: +1 978-475-0524, jolene.peixoto@jda.com