aPure Launched #TryFree Event Ended With Big Success!

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Did you miss Tryfree? It is closed but not yet finished!! Other Great Deal is coming soon!! (Photo: Business Wire)

TAIPEI, Taiwan--()--What’s the most impressive, craziest or funniest Truth or Dare you ever experienced? Most of us play Truth or Dare in our 20s, which brings so much fun and so many secrets with surprise (or panic?) especially when there was someone special in the group!

As a newbie brand in the market, aPure is so excited and eager to understand more about what ladies really care, so come up the event called Truth&Dare! By simply telling us a few truth of what you know and what you think, aPure dare you to try Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear Free!!

aPure offered 1,500 pairs of free underwear to the participants on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last. Fortunately we got more than 11,000 responses in a very short time. Due to overwhelming requests, we were not able to offer free Pure5.5 to all of the participants, though we do read all the responses and we found that Pure5.5’s features can really make people to Enjoy Better Life!

From the responses, the most disturbing female genital problem is smell, produced through the metabolism of the body like sweat, urine, as well as bacteria action. This reaction occurs because bacteria can decompose the amino acids in sweat and urine.

Except for a habit of changing underwear everyday and washing it separately from other clothing, the best way to prevent such issue is to choose material with good breathability, moisture conductivity, temperature adjustment, and easily wash of your undergarment. For example, Acrylate and TENCEL™.

In return, we are revealing truth about Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear

What we use and how we make?

1. Main Material : Up to 50% Eco-friendly TENCEL™ which is Botanic Origin, Biodegradable, No Pesticide and Extra Comfy. Also, aPure apply fiber with active moisture-absorbing, humidity regulating and pH balancing features.

2. Weaving : Apply High-count yarn with ultra-fine 20-Danny long fibers which take longer production time, the high-count feature also performs good humidity release, air permeability and preventing stains from getting absorbed with a compact and dense surface.

3. Pros?

Keep Lady Parts Dry/Great Breathability

Excellent Extension

Eliminate Smells

Keep Balancing skin pH value 24/7

Reduce Abnormal Discharge

Prevent from Repeated Infection


aPure Technology Co., Ltd
Jeannie Yeh: cs_apure@apuremail.com
Visit Us@ https://bit.ly/2XDsjXa

Release Summary

Telling a Truth, aPure Dare you to Try Free ended with Big success!!


aPure Technology Co., Ltd
Jeannie Yeh: cs_apure@apuremail.com
Visit Us@ https://bit.ly/2XDsjXa