AI Platform Pattern89 Plans Expansion Into Growing Digital Advertising Market


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Pattern89 is an AI platform for digital advertising. We're your secret weapon to reduce costs and increase revenue. The Pattern89 creative console analyzes your entire advertising program every day and delivers an AI-curated to-do list each morning. This set of tasks contains the top actions you need to take to maximize ad performance. Each action is prescribed based on statistical models that identify which changes will deliver the best results. The Planner provides deep creative analysis to identify what creative dimensions are most impactful to your success at every stage of the funnel. We're thrilled to expand the power of Pattern89 to Google with deep insight across search, YouTube and display. Pattern89 will deliver marketers cross-channel creative insight and scale performance across your key advertising platforms.

INDIANAPOLIS--()--Pattern89, which offers an artificial intelligence platform to improve paid social advertising results, has announced today that their platform is expanding to include Google advertising. Throughout 2019, the Pattern89 software will include successive releases to analyze and predict performance across Google Display, YouTube and Search. The expansion will enable marketers to drive improved multi-channel results across more than 58% of the digital advertising ecosystem according to eMarketer.

Facebook recently reported a 26% increase in Q1 advertiser earnings showing the steady growth of the digital advertising ecosystem. Pattern89 analyzes the billions of data points generated in these ads into real-time actionable insights that marketers can use to build the most effective ads on Facebook, Instagram, and now, Google.

“Introducing AI for Google ads, along with our AI for Facebook and Instagram ads, provides marketers with more efficient results and less time spent manually optimizing digital advertising,” said R. J. Talyor, founder and CEO of Pattern89. “Our AI has always helped marketers excel in advertising on social media, and we are excited to add these key channels in response to customer demand.”

Customers are also looking forward to the expansion. With it, they will be able to analyze over 2,900 dimensions of each ad on Facebook, Instagram and Google, and apply learnings to create the best-performing ad sets possible while also managing their real-time multi-channel campaigns with access to and analysis from unlimited historic ad-sets.

According to Adobe, 48% of digitally mature brands have an AI strategy and 28% of top performing companies are using AI for data analysis. Pattern89 is committed to finding the trends and outliers that help marketers improve key performance metrics. To that end, a Customer Advisory Board will be guiding Pattern89 as new Google capabilities are added throughout 2019. Brands representing brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce companies, as well as public and privately held agencies will inform the Pattern89 product team on the most beneficial features to serve the platform’s user-experience.

About Pattern89

Pattern89 combines the power of AI with unprecedented Facebook, Instagram and Google advertiser data to help brands discover the ad elements that most impact digital ad performance. By identifying successful patterns in companies’ ad data and analyzing the results to hone future campaigns, Pattern89 keeps brands’ digital advertising up-to-date and maximized for performance. For more information, visit


Despi Ross, VP of Marketing

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Despi Ross, VP of Marketing