CannDollar, the First Universal Silver Backed Coin That Provides More Stability Than Traditional Cryptocurrencies.

TORONTO--()--CannDollar Announces the first universal digital currency, Silver-Backed StableCoin and a Safe-Haven of all crypto-currencies, launched on LATOKEN Exchange




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Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd

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CannDollar (CDAG), a blockchain-based silver-backed digital currency, is pleased to announce its launch on LATOKEN , one of the top 3 European crypto exchanges. It is the first universal coin that offers liquidity, intrinsic value and a safe-haven for currencies- digital and otherwise.

The CannDollar silver token (CDAG) is a digital representation of the one pure 99.99% pure troy ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin and is among the finest bullion coins worldwide. It is legal tender in Canada with recognized fair value.

Each CannDollar token is issued as a cryptographic token on the ERC20 blockchain, backed by a one silver troy ounce with .9999 purity - physical Silver Maple Leaf coin.

CannDollar Tokens are stored with BitGo as the depositary, and the physical silver is stored - through authorized agents of the Royal Canadian Mint ; such as Kitco and Dillon Gage. These counter parties make CannDollar the best of class StableCoin. The authorized agents settle their trades and storage confirmations on blockchain ledgers.

The market value of the CannDollar silver token (CDAG) may vary on a daily basis, depending on the international price of silver.

The growth in demand for silver in many sectors; such as, medicine, solar energy, tech has created liquidity in the silver market.

The CannDollar silver token (CDAG) provides purchasing power, stability and a shield against inflation or hyperinflation. It is a portable, divisible, tangible and enduring store of value.

CannDollar silver token (CDAG) tokens may be redeemed for physical silver coins or bullion. CannDollar will deliver silver within 48 hours of a request in more than 100 countries through international secure transportation providers. (CDAG tokens representing delivered silver will be burned/deleted from the blockchain). Read more


Tamara Muradova


Tamara Muradova