Anderson Valley Reserve – Premium, Sun-Grown Cannabis Brand – Launches in California

Brand Created and Being Built By Small Independent Farmers

PHILO, Calif.--()--Anderson Valley Farms, a group of artisanal cannabis farmers in Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley, today announced the launch of its premium, sun-grown cannabis brand, Anderson Valley Reserve. The brand is one of the few being created and built by small independent farmers versus big corporate dollars that are quickly flooding this recently legal market. The company’s farmers are firmly committed to their craft, supplying high-quality flowers using only environmentally friendly techniques and relying on the sun for their energy needs.

“We are one of the few groups in California who are creating and building our own brand, Anderson Valley Reserve, versus white labeling to a distributor,” said Hue Freeman who formed the group in June 2018. “This is much harder to do but we believe this is truly the only way to support the small craft farmers during this turbulent time in this evolving industry.”

Anderson Valley Farms is a community-based and family-oriented organization that is deeply embedded in Anderson Valley. The company’s local roots and commitment to cannabis cultivation run deep. Some of its members have been growing continually since the 1970s, and some belong to families that have lived in Anderson Valley for generations. What unites the group of farmers is their dedication to their community, environmental sustainability, and quality production. The Valley’s climate is unique with its hot days and cool nights throughout the summer making it an ideal environment for cannabis, producing rich terpene profiles. The Valley is also known for its world renown Pinot wines.

“The cannabis industry was created by the blood sweat and tears of the small craft farmer,” said Jerred Kiloh, co-owner of The Higher Path and President of UCBA. “I’ve known Hue for a very long time and when he said he was forming this group of independent farmers to create and build a cannabis brand, I had to support them in any way I could!”

Currently, Anderson Valley Reserve is providing flower products but is planning to expand to a full suite of pre-rolls and oil-based offering in the upcoming months. The premium brand is available at more than 20 dispensaries throughout California including The Higher Path, Golden State Greens, Sol de Mendocino, Show Grow, SOCC, to name a few.

“We are beginning to see demand increase as our products get on more shelves in Mendocino County, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego,” continued Freeman. “This is not an easy accomplishment as we are competing with big money entering this market. As we’ve seen over and over in other markets, companies get funding from big investment firms, drive the price down while gaining market share, simultaneously driving out smaller competitors, and then raising the prices. We believe we will be better protected by building our own brand.”

About Anderson Valley Reserve

Anderson Valley Reserve is a premier, sun-grown cannabis brand that is grown by licensed, small independent farmers focused on environmentally friendly farming practices. For more information, please visit, and follow us on Instagram at @avreserve.


Bonnie Harris


Bonnie Harris