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VANCOUVER, British Columbia--()--Reimbursement Tracker™ just announced the launch of their subscription platform designed to improve analysis and tracking of medical and pharmaceutical coverage policies for device manufacturers and consultants.

The reimbursement environment in the United States is complex, with hundreds of insurers and tens of thousands of policies. Reimbursement Tracker’s mission is to alleviate the wasted time and resources caused by keeping up with this changing landscape and to provide strategic intelligence to improve medical device and pharmaceutical adoption for manufacturers. This new product is about making reimbursement intelligence more accessible and more reliable for the industry.

“Reimbursement Tracker focuses on what matters to our clients,” explains Kamran Zamanian, CEO of Reimbursement Tracker. “By receiving real-time updates, our clients can better mitigate and manage the risks of reimbursement changes and proactively optimize coverage for their products.”

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Between private and government healthcare insurance, such as Medicare, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and hundreds of others, researching coverage can be a monumental task for medical device and pharmaceutical brands. However, by tracking more than 60,000 active coverage policies daily, Reimbursement Tracker allows you to spend time on other important tasks, instead of reading and checking policies for changes.

Reimbursement changes can have profound effects on an array of medical device and pharmaceutical industries. For example, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently ended its new technology add-on payment for drug-coated balloons (DCBs), classifying it instead with the same billing code as plain balloon angioplasty, which is expected to indirectly discourage DCB use, despite evidence of its superiority over plain angioplasty. It is changes like this that Reimbursement Tracker wants to help manufacturers react to and, more importantly, get ahead of.

Reimbursement Tracker Key Features

Reimbursement Tracker allows for dashboard customization to track policies for specific therapeutic areas based on CPT or ICD codes and keywords. In addition to a customized tracking system, the entire database of active, future and draft policies can be searched by keyword, so you have access for any project that may arise.

Additionally, it provides real-time email notifications for any policy changes that are relevant to you, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual tracking. Policy changes can be viewed over time to identify overarching trends, and the policy calendar provides future insight by showing upcoming review dates for different individual policies.

About Reimbursement Tracker

Reimbursement Tracker™ is a United States focused reimbursement consulting firm and subscription platform dedicated to empowering medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to react faster and to proactively improve reimbursement and adoption of new medical technology.

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Reimbursement Tracker announces the launch of their subscription platform for tracking medical coverage policies. Sign up for a Free Trial now.


Joel Harrison
+1 (604) 266-6933