Dealer Market Exchange Announces Launch of Hyperledger Puerto Rico Meetup Group

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico--()--Dealer Market Exchange officially announced the launch of the Hyperledger Puerto Rico Meetup group on December 6, 2018, in conjunction with Hyperledger hosted by The Linux Foundation. Together, DMX aims to provide the local Puerto Rico developer community access and information to all the tools Hyperledger has to offer.

This collaborative initiative was originated from DMX Foundry, the business blockchain and AI innovation lab created within DMX, as a think-tank to innovate mobility solutions for the global automotive industry.

The event was kicked off by Karen Ottoni, the Ecosystem Manager from Hyperledger, who was streamed live from New York. She provided a full overview of Hyperledger and all it brings through the world’s largest open source business blockchain development community.

Jim Mason, DMX Foundry Director, directly followed with a more in-depth showcase of the Hyperledger frameworks, showing how numerous open source collaborative projects could be implemented on an enterprise level, with a core focus on the Hyperledger Fabric framework and its key components.

The audience also caught a glimpse into the first DMX Foundry project using Fabric –– VINblock: a business blockchain solution for the automotive community. Reportedly designed to track the lifetime activity of any vehicle by its unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a new industry ecosystem is envisioned to be created by participating users.

Jason Bennick, CEO and Co-Founder of DMX, stated “Our VINblock permanent, shared ledger, based on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology, provides a critical value-add for building a foundation of connected mobility for OEMs, dealers and consumers to conduct business well into the 21st century. As we innovate next-generation solutions across automotive, we’re striving to create new channels that can operate faster and more efficiently than most everything out there, and in a new, low-cost, and fully trusted, secure environment.”

Jim Mason further stated “Our partnership with Hyperledger helped us drive faster on our blockchain work. We are leveraging key Fabric platform features in VINblock: the new smart contract program model, private data, operations management features, and more.”

The new Meetup group is open to any resident of Puerto Rico actively interested in becoming a Hyperledger developer, learning more about Hyperledger, and how Hyperledger can be architected into practical daily use cases.

Those interested can access the sign-up page for the Hyperledger Puerto Rico Meetup Group for more information at the following link:


Dealer Market Exchange is an enterprise business mobility solutions platform for the automotive industry. From the ground up, DMX is planned with scalability, performance, mobility, and flexibility in leveraging advanced engineering best practices to create a suite of services to fill the need of a technologically shifting automotive community. DMX provides an intuitive, seamless mobile-web ecosystem of application services to quickly, accurately and economically manage the movement of vehicle assets. DMX is one of the fastest-growing, well-funded startups today with a unique technology patented and over a dozen federally registered trademarks – and growing. Organized and domiciled in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, DMX exports services through the cloud to North America and is expanding worldwide. DMX Consumer Solutions becomes available in 2019. DMX is a member of MOBI, General Member of Hyperledger, and Silver Member of The Linux Foundation, with DMX Foundry as their blockchain and AI innovation lab. For more information, visit or connect on Facebook ( and Twitter (@dmxio).


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